Masked ball

" 'So whats your name?' I asked him, beneath the mask a smirk could be seen.
'That defeats the point my dear... If I told you then this wouldnt be a masked ball would it?' "


When Leanne received an invitation from her new boss to a masked ball, she went out of a sense of duty. When she arrives she is instantly swept off her feet by a masked man.
The dancing and romance is fun but... When Midnight strikes, everything returns to normal life.
When you have no idea who your prince was how do you find him?

When a local police station begins investigating a murder, maybe life isnt normal anymore...


4. Frustration

The music pounded in my brain, shaking my very skeleton. I could feel my body vibrating to the musics beat. All around me people danced and spun around wildly, like they had left all common sense behind. Probably had.

"Care to dance?" Slurred a man nearby. Trying to appear flattered rather than disgusted by the old mans drunken request, I shook my head quickly. I need not have bothered though as he had wandered off before I had finished shaking my head. No doubt to go ask somebody else. Sighing I tried to find some face I might recognize, so that I could hold an intelligent (hopefully sober) conversation this evening. 

I could not recognize anybody in their costumes though. Everybody looked strange and alien, from some other planet that held no human life. My plain black mask was a rare item here, actually more like non-existent  everybody wore extravagant colored masks and dresses. Jeweled and decorated in glistening sprinkles that glittered in the lights that glowed in the hall. Some bore feathers on the sides, large ones blooming out of somebody's head, making them look like an absurd bird.

Their dresses swished in their wake as they shimmied across the room, their elegance somewhat lost in their excited movements. It was not really a formal ball, where everybody knew the steps to a dance and sought a partner bashfully. It was a towns ceremony  now full of tipsy men and women spluttering all over the places and giggling as they teetered slightly on lifts or tricky steps. 

After another half an hour or so, I had had enough of watching people dance. (Playing my cruel games of spot the most ridiculous attire, so far a man in bright pink robes with a yellow mask!) So I decided go outside for a moment, maybe relax outside. 

I made my way to the oak doors on the other side of me, being stopped a few times on my way... Each time I was asked to dance, and each time I refused less politely than the last time. By the time I reached the peaceful outside, I was rather irritated and felt myself seething as I strode towards the maze around the back of the towns building. Sitting down on the nearest marble bench, rubbing ferociously at the stubborn goosebumps on my arms, I perched on the edge of my seat and decided to stay out here to calm down for a bit before leaving. Driving with a temper could be fatal. I knew.

So it was as I sat there that I caught the whisper of hushed voices from behind me.

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