Masked ball

" 'So whats your name?' I asked him, beneath the mask a smirk could be seen.
'That defeats the point my dear... If I told you then this wouldnt be a masked ball would it?' "


When Leanne received an invitation from her new boss to a masked ball, she went out of a sense of duty. When she arrives she is instantly swept off her feet by a masked man.
The dancing and romance is fun but... When Midnight strikes, everything returns to normal life.
When you have no idea who your prince was how do you find him?

When a local police station begins investigating a murder, maybe life isnt normal anymore...


2. An invitation

It was a bitterly cold winters eve and I just really wanted to go home. Why had my new boss, Richard, requested that I remain behind? I hadnt messed up anything that day, I had even remebered to not put ice in his drink. Im his personnel assistant so its my job to make sure he is satisfied. I carry on trying to rattle through my brain to see if I have done anything at all.

Im still struggling with my mind when Richard himself enters. He seats himself across from me, behind his wooden desk and smiles calmly. I blur into panic mode, certain that this means im about to be fired. It is that kind of smile you get before you are told something unpleasant. I start going through a load of differant excuses for whatever it is I may have done in my head, each of them sounding more ridiculous than the previous one.

"Thankyou for waiting Leanne, I need a favour you see... I cant hink of anybody else to do it for me." Im still so busy going through my excuses, that I almost missed his words. I managed to pull myself together long enough to hear his next ones anyway.

"Im sure you are familair with the annual ball held at the town hall?" He asked, my mouth twisted into a bitter smile. Each year the Mayor held a celebratory ball there, it included speeches made from various companies. Many of which tried to make our small book publishing comapny look bad, we were losing money and out of all the hundred or so books we published each month... Only about one of them ever sold a decent number. The others decided we were losing our edge, that our companies past success was merely one shot whims.

"Well... As you know it is vital that Our company attends, a bit of spying if you will, and it is mine and my wifes engagment that evening... You see and..." I had a sense that I knew where this was going. Richards next words proved me right.

" Me and Julia were going to go out for a meal so we wondered if you would please take my place? You are after all my most loyal and hard working assistant." I nearly snorted, flattery was the oldest trick in the book for achieving your wishes. Even I knew that, me with my anti social angenda...

"Im not too sure sir... You see I have stuff to do and... I..." I was prepared to use some of my earlier thought of excuses on him. One might work, if said the right way that is. Richard cut across me though.

"Of course we would pay you a little extra for this favour and you will be welcome to the next day off... I have heard these balls last rather long!" I tried to worm my way out again.

"Oh come now Leanne! Its a masked ball, everybody loves those!" A tingle ran down my spine at his words... Masked ball...

I have never really liked the sound of them, people being around you... Unable to see who they are and what they even look like. They run around dancing with you and causing you trouble. I remember what a friend once said to me...

" People act different to how they would normally when wearing a mask, mobs used to wear them you know..." I followed that advice all my life since I first herad it when fourteen.

"Yes, I will go." I heard myself saying, whilst in my mind I was screaming. What am I doing? I thought, why had I agreed?

I guess its human nature to ignore reason and give in to temptation. Were carnal and cant help ourselves. Richard smiled at me, in much the same way the supposed 'devil' that sits on your shoulder does when you make a mistake he knows will be deadly.

I was in trouble...

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