The day I met Zayn (a Zayn Malik fan fiction where he is not famous)

Rating: 18
Contains sexual and adult contents
Reader discretion is advised!

Daisy meets Zayn Malik in town during a very serious yet delicat predicament.


4. Some 'Fun' at home

By the time we got back to his place I had calmed down but was still a bit shaken from what had just happened.

'Here, take this and clean yourself up'
Zayn hands me a towel and point to his bathroom.

I smile and say thanks, take the towel and go into the bathroom.

I turn the shower on, strip off and hop into the shower, putting the bath plug in to creat a shower bath.

What I don't know is that I didn't shut the bathroom door properly, and Zayn has been watching me this whole time.
Still totally unaware of this I wash my hair thorowly and start washing my face when I hear the door squeak open.
I turn around to see Zayn fall throw the door and bumping into the sink, his head bearly missing the corner of the bath.

He looks up at me and blushes, mouth open, and red faced.

I don't know what to do, so I put my hands over my pussy and boobs, looking down at Zayn like a mother scolding her child.

'I...ummm...uhhh, hi'
Zayn was all flustered as he looked up at me covering my nakedness.

'Well well Mr. Malik, if you wanted something from me all you had to do was ask'

He stands up and I see the massive bulge in his trousers trying to brake through his jeans.

'But now I think that you and your 3rd leg will have to work for what you want'

He just stands there silently for several moments, then he walks out of the bathroom.

I get bried off and put just my underwear on, then walk out the bathroom, walk into his bedroom and what I see shocks me.
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