The day I met Zayn (a Zayn Malik fan fiction where he is not famous)

Rating: 18
Contains sexual and adult contents
Reader discretion is advised!

Daisy meets Zayn Malik in town during a very serious yet delicat predicament.


6. Oh wow

I can feel his breath against freshly shaven pussy. He likes it nice and smooth, to always be clean. His tongue wriggles into my folds, finding my clit easily as he flicks his tongue teasingly over it. My back arches as I let out a soft moan. The way he touches me, always takes my breath away. I lay still as I feel his fingers slide up over my skin to my full large breasts.

My nipples still hard as he wrapped his fingers around them pinching them gently at first as his tongue flicked a bit faster on my clit. I part my legs wider as he moves further into my pussy. My hands come down and slide into his hair as I begin to softly grind my hips towards his mouth, my pussy dripping wet. As I do he grips my clit with his teeth, nibbling on it as he slips his middle finger into me. I feel the force of just his finger in my tight pussy. I can feel myself grip his finger as he begins a steady pace, curling his finger into me as he sucks harshly on my clit. He lifts his face smiling at me as I watch him, my fingers still in his hair. I can see his mouth is glazed with my juices. Which only makes my body ache harder for him as I let out a low deep moan? He speaks softly, just above a whisper, but with a command I mustn’t ignore.

“I want you to orgasm for me, baby.”
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