The day I met Zayn (a Zayn Malik fan fiction where he is not famous)

Rating: 18
Contains sexual and adult contents
Reader discretion is advised!

Daisy meets Zayn Malik in town during a very serious yet delicat predicament.


2. He saved me

I was about to be violated when he ran around the corner. Like a gust of wind.
I didn't know if he was coming to help, or to join this other man in the cruel game he seemed to have created for hurting me.

'STOP! What are you doing to her?!'
He came down the street like a wild pit bull on the attack. He looked wild, like he would rip the heads off of anyone who got in his way.

'ZAYN! What are you doing here?'
I gasp as my capter wraps his arms around my neck with the shock of being interrupted.

'Stay back! One more move forward and the girl dies!'

Zayn stops dead in his tracks.

'Daisy, just stay still, I know what to do!'
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