The day I met Zayn (a Zayn Malik fan fiction where he is not famous)

Rating: 18
Contains sexual and adult contents
Reader discretion is advised!

Daisy meets Zayn Malik in town during a very serious yet delicat predicament.


3. A fight

He ran back down the street at full speed, not looking back, just running.

My captor didn't know what to do. I guess the shock of Zayn running in on him scared him into stillness.

I needed to do something, but what? I stood there barely able to breath when suddenly my captor let me go. I was so confused and relieved at the same time that I just ran.

I ran and ran until I got to the end of the street and smacked right into something solid.
At first I thought it was a wall, but then there where arms around me, holding me tight into their owners. I thought that someone else had caught me, but then I heard the soft crooning voice of Zayn saying 'Calm down, it's only me, your safe now.'

I looked up to see him, my loving boyfriend, Zayn Malik. He looked so perfect, his big brown eyes and perfect hair, and now he had just saved my life!

I was just so relieved to be safe and have Zayn close to me again.
'Zayn, I don't know what happened, one minute I'm walking along the street and the next that gorilla grabbed me and pulled me into that side street and was trying to rape me, and then you came along and you went away again and then he dropped me but I have no idea why and then I could breath again and I just ran and ran and ran!!!'

At this last sentence I broke down crying from the stress and relief that I was safe.
Zayn wrapped me up in his arms and just held me tight.

'Lets go back to my place so you can get cleaned up and have a rest'

I dry my eyes and say 'Yes please'
Then walk off to his car where he drives me home.
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