The Centre Of The Forest

There was a reason I came.
I dont remember why and I dont remember how.
But I'm here now.
I'll just embrace it.

When Selena Beecher wakes up in the middle of Moonwood forest, she doesn't feel scared. Why? Why isn't she panicking? Because she feels like she belongs. In a forest? That's not right.


3. Chaper Three

I become breathless as my speed increases. Leaves cover my face trying to throw me off course, twigs snap and crunch underneath my feet, trying to trip me up and my eyes sting from the cold air rushing against them.

I risk a quick glance behind me to see if I've lost the creature. I can't see it anywhere so decide it's safe to stop. I ran really far - i don't know how, I've never been particually fast but in about 2 minutes I've lost a four legged furry animal.

What was it anyway? At first I thought it was a wolf - but I swear... I swear It had some human like features.

Those eyes.

They we're just like mine, just like a humans. But on a wolves body. A cold shiver runs through my spine, causing the hairs to stand up on my neck. How am I supposed to get out of this forest? Do I even want to? My life at home isnt the most interesting you'd ever come across. I have a few friends and most people don't even know I exsist. I'm an only child and spend most of my spare time studying nature. I've never come across any creature like this though. I guess most people would use the term 'warewolf' but obviously I don't think that's possible. What was it though? I guess just a strange looking wolf.

The darkness begins to cover the sky like a blanket pulled over you by your relative when you've fallen asleep without one. My mums probably not even worried about me, she probably just assumes I've stayed over Evans - one out of the small group of friends I have. Evan and I have been best friends since pre-school. He's the only person I can truly tell everything to. I should probably try to get out of these woods. But I feel comfortable - more at home than I feel in my own house. I feel nice. Tired. I feel tired.

I sit down on the cold forest floor and close my eyes, listening to the calming sounds of nature. I fall asleep hoping that the strange wolf wont find me.

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