Crystal Raindrops

A normal life suddenly turned into something different. A war is about to unfold, with only one person able to stop it. An orphan boy Jozua who is 16 years old, is the reincarnation of an old hero who once before has saved both the earth and it's parallel world. Can he save it again? By turning back the time on the journey to the parallel world, can the hero really be reborn once again?


6. Epilogue: Back home

After the first week had passed, almost everyone had forgotten what had happened, that I had collapsed on the floor in the kitchen. Everything moved on like it had always done. I was sitting on Khalil’s bed in his room thinking about where we would have been today if Ettaleine hadn’t been saved. I was dreaming about them once in a while, they seemed much happier now that the danger had disappeared. I smiled a bit and Khalil turned to look at me “What are you smiling at Joz?” Even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it, was what I was thinking. A good thing that everything has gone back to normal, I would have missed everyone here if I had stayed in Ettaleine. It wasn’t a bad place, not at all. Orryon belonged there, but Jozua didn’t. Jozua belonged on earth along with humans no matter who he had been in his former life and Orryon has died, before I got to live. That was how I chose to end the bond between me and Ettaleine. And after that day, I moved on and Ettaleine moved on, I didn’t peak into their world anymore, and maybe someone else has got the chance to see that beautiful world, but I left it behind. Keeping it as memories in the back of my head as my life moved on, I was never going back there I liked living on earth. 

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