Crystal Raindrops

A normal life suddenly turned into something different. A war is about to unfold, with only one person able to stop it. An orphan boy Jozua who is 16 years old, is the reincarnation of an old hero who once before has saved both the earth and it's parallel world. Can he save it again? By turning back the time on the journey to the parallel world, can the hero really be reborn once again?


5. Chapter 4: The enemy

I was up already before dawn the next morning. It didn’t really bother me, I had been looking forward to today, it felt like this was my purpose I had completely turned into Orryon, even though Jozua was still conscious inside of me, it felt like Orryon was the one in charge of me, that might as well be for the best, we were setting of to kill an enemy and as Jozua I wouldn’t know what to do anyway. I put my clothes on and walked to the main gate, to wait for the others. About half of the warriors had already met there and they were talking the plans over just to make sure. I joined them, and leaned against the wall, they seemed to be as ready as they could get. A few minutes later, Kyran and the rest of the warriors joined us at the gate, and we set off. If we were lucky we could get to the enemy while he was still sleeping.
For about an hour we walked, we took a little rest before the Black Forest. Indeed the forest was black and dead. “Don’t touch anything. It will suck your energy…” We continued into the Black Forest and stopped in front of a big cave. “The cave of disaster, the home of Xaos”
We were about to enter the cave, when something that looked like a dragon flew into the light. A big black shadow looking creature, it was hard to see that it once had looked human with all those black scales and sharp claws. “Kyran! What are you doing here, finally come to face me? You finally got the guts to do something?” Xaos growled. Kyran smiled stiffly and kept his eyes on Xaos. “You better be ready, Xaos!” all 24 warriors was ready to attack at any orders they would get. “Surround him!” That was about the only order that seemed fit for the situations right now, so that was the order I gave them. The warriors had hardly surrounded Xaos before Kyran told them to attack, all at once. In a real fight it was pretty amazing what they could do. At Kyran’s commands was sent flying around them, the teams obeyed with a very high accuracy and Xaos seemed very confused about the way the tried to take him on. He began to punch around him with no precise goals, he was lucky to hit a few of the warriors, some of them got away with smaller injuries and hurried back to the fight, others were not that lucky, and they stayed down. This continued for a long time, Xaos seemed to get more tired than the warriors, maybe because his energy wasn’t focused in one spot but on all of them. The remaining warriors took the change and attacked him, and hold him down in order for me to seal him.
I prepared the spell, collected all the energy in my body that I could get access to at that time to release the spell on Xaos. The warriors looked at me begging that it would succeed. By all means necessary they had to succeed. The next thing I knew was when I released my power, Xaos released his too, and most of the warriors were blown away from the center of the flowing energy, as if it had created a big force around us. How could he still have this much energy? My hands started to shake, as my energy left me and I became weaker and weaker. I threw all my remaining power at him at once, whether I sealed him or not I didn’t know, my body fell forward, I was becoming numb again. The last thing I heard was Kyran’s voice before I fainted. What was he saying? I didn’t get to know. 

The next time I opened my eyes, I realized that I had actually survived, and from the look on Kyran’s face I had succeeded “You never cease to amaze me Orryon…” I smiled a bit and sat up, my body felt heavy it was really lacking energy.
“Sir… Was it really that bad bringing him here a bit earlier than you wanted too?” Ghayle asked, as he entered the room behind Kyran. Kyran turned to look at him and smiled a bit “It could have been you little idiot… How could you oppose my orders and bring him here earlier than I told you to… You are lucky that both of you survived.” Kyran and Ghayle really seemed to be good friends, which made me miss the human world, especially Khalil and the rest of the children on the orphanage. “Kyran, if it is possible, I would like to go back to the human world now…” Kyran nodded “Now that you are both here, let’s get started…” Ghayle smiled and began to prepare the portal. He lined up some small crystals in various colors on the floor, before he drew a circle on the floor leaving the crystals right inside the circle. “Now, we just need the book, we can only open the portal with that when 19 years haven’t passed before it had been opened the last time, and I don’t believe you intend to stay here Orryon?” I shook my head and grabbed the book that was lying on the table beside the bed I was currently sitting in. I gave Ghayle the book and he placed it in a square in the circle “Now we just need you Orryon, you know what to say…” I smiled and nodded. I rose from the bed and walked to the not yet opened portal. I stopped when I had entered the circle. I mumbled “Portainearthian” the spell that would send me back to earth. The feeling of my conscious getting ripped away from me again, but this time I felt my body hit the floor. I opened my eyes slightly just to look into Khalil’s worried eyes. I was back.

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