Crystal Raindrops

A normal life suddenly turned into something different. A war is about to unfold, with only one person able to stop it. An orphan boy Jozua who is 16 years old, is the reincarnation of an old hero who once before has saved both the earth and it's parallel world. Can he save it again? By turning back the time on the journey to the parallel world, can the hero really be reborn once again?


4. Chapter 3: Preparations

Kyran, his men and I were sitting in one of the big halls to discuss the matters of safety and success in the fight that might as well start already today, we didn’t have all the time in the worlds to spend on this. I finally understood why everyone seemed so desperate to collect energy the day before, they were afraid of what was going to happen to them, to this world.
“So, Kyran what do you want to start with?” I looked at him, leaning back in my chair with my arms crossed. “Tactics, let’s start discussing tactics, this is far too dangerous for one man to do, even for you Orryon, you will need backup, and that is what we will be. For the sealing spell to work we will need Xaos to stop moving around, and he is too strong for paralyze effects to work, we’ve already tried that. This will be dangerous for all of us, but the only way will be to tie him down manually, without magic. Only very strong spells will work on him, and Orryon, you will need almost all of your power just to seal him, you have only got one chance…” I nodded and looked at him for a short moment, before my eyes moved to every single of Wolureen Castle’s brave warriors. “So what you are saying is, that I will have to let you fight him, and bring him down, and then seal him?” Kyran nodded “That is the best plan I have, and the one that we are most likely to succeed. If you use too much energy before the sealing you might not have enough and it will not work. And you will once again cease to exist, this time without accomplishing your mission.” Cease to exist? Would I really die from this? “Think about it Orryon, all those lives you can protect, both here and on earth, I bet there are someone there you want to protect…” I wanted to protect them, I really wanted to, but I didn’t want to die. “Is there any chance that I will survive, Kyran?” He nodded “There is a small chance that you will survive, but if you don’t you will only cease to exist in this world, because you are brought back 19 years in time, and therefore you have not yet been reborn in the human world, so you don’t have to worry about that. You can go back to the human world either way when the mission is accomplished.” I nodded, happy that I wouldn’t waste my life on earth in here. I thought that I might as well take a look at how Kyran’s men were fighting now that they were going to help me as much as they were. “Kyran, can we make an exact battle plan outside? I would like to see how they fight. I need to know what I can expect from them.” Kyran rose from the chair and nodded “That is a good way to make an exact plan. Let’s get to the training facilities” The warriors rose from their chairs, bowed their heads a bit and walked towards the training facilities, they were not against the idea now that they didn’t want to lose unnecessary lives in this battle, of course they didn’t expect everyone to be lucky enough to survive, but they wanted as many as possible to be that lucky.
In the training facilities Kyran and I made them fight each other in many different ways, like two on one, one on one just to see how they were reacting on many targets at once. I was watching them for quite a while before I felt satisfied and knew approximately what they were able to do. “Good, let’s divide you into groups of 3, every group will get a number and on Kyran’s or my command you will act, and do as we say. Clear?” The warriors nodded and Kyran divided them into 8 small teams of 3, he knew them better than I did, therefore I thought it was better for him to divide them into groups to get the best success rate. “We will set of tomorrow at dawn, go get some rest we will need every drop of your strength tomorrow.” Kyran said, and let them go for today, they had been fighting for some time and might have gotten too tired to do anything. So it would be a waste to set off now. I thought about getting some information on the enemy while I still could, but Kyran stopped me “You should get some rest too, Orryon your strength tomorrow is more important than anything else.”
I nodded and decided to go to bed as Kyran had told me, I might have been the only one in this castle that could actually oppose Kyran’s power, not that I intended to or wanted to, he was highly respected by everyone as he had been even before I left for the human world.

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