Crystal Raindrops

A normal life suddenly turned into something different. A war is about to unfold, with only one person able to stop it. An orphan boy Jozua who is 16 years old, is the reincarnation of an old hero who once before has saved both the earth and it's parallel world. Can he save it again? By turning back the time on the journey to the parallel world, can the hero really be reborn once again?


3. Chapter 2: The awakening

As I thought about the crystals I walked through the forest. I still held the little crystal in my hand, I already felt like it gave me the power to move on. The trees cleared out and I found myself standing before a large green field, the warm wind grabbed my hair and made the grass whistle. I could see a huge castle on the other side of this great field. Something drew me towards it, as if I was meant to be there, as I walked closer to the castle looking building I might have been seen by some on the outer wall, because I could hear voices screaming I couldn’t hear the exact words though. After a few minutes I stopped at the main gate and looked at it. It was huge! I was a bit surprised when the gate opened and one single man was coming to meet me, or I don’t know if that was what he wanted, but I hoped that he wouldn’t do something bad to me. As I got a closer look at this man, I realized that I had seen him before, in that dream I had a week ago, wasn’t his name Kyran? “I was just about to send my men to look for you, Orryon” he said with a calm voice “Who is Orryon?” I asked him, I didn’t know if he was actually talking to me or just mistaking me for someone else. “That is you Jozua of earth, you are the reincarnation of our great hero Orryon, and it is not weird that you do not remember, you weren’t brought here under the right conditions. Your true powers have yet to be awakened.” 
My true powers? What was he talking about, and how could I be a reincarnation of someone else? This was really weird. “I would like you to follow me to the library Jozua, you will have to be awakened soon, the time is running faster than we have predicted earlier. Our worlds need to be saved and you are our only hope.” I was supposed to save this world, but how? I’ve only dreamt about it up until today? How could I possibly save it already? And what was I going to save it from?
I followed Kyran through the castle and into the library in the center of the castle, the guards immediately moved away to let Kyran pass. It was easy to see that he was in charge. He had authority towards these guards. In the middle of the library a large book was placed on a column, it looked very old, I don’t know why my eyes first fell on that book and refused to move from there, it almost felt like it was calling out to me. I walked across the room and stopped in front of the book, it was dusty as if it hadn’t been touched in ages. “What is this book?” I kept looking at it as if I was afraid it would disappear if I moved my eyes from it. “That is yours, a very powerful book of spells. This will help you awaken your powers.” I put my hand on top of it, it felt like my head was filled with places and with memories of this world, memories that I had from my past life, the life of Orryon. The flow of memories subsided and I was able to think again. I don’t know whether I was Orryon or Jozua right know, it was like both of my lives was caught inside this body at the same time, but was able to stay at the same time without any problematic side effects. ”So Kyran, what is the problem this time?” I asked him, I felt like my voice had become more mature, but maybe that was just a feeling. “Let’s not talk about that here, let’s go to my chambers, there we can talk business without people interfering with us.” He turned his back at me and walked towards his chambers. I just followed him through the castle to the center tower were his room had been placed, the most safe place in the entire castle with a magnificent view of the scenery outside. The village of those land creatures that couldn’t live elsewhere than in the city of Haalein, the city that was placed inside the walls of this big castle. I knew that there were two other cities as well, one in the sea and one in the sky, Olarous and Skailayne. Though I have never been there, I’ve only been told about them. In Kyran’s bedroom he sat down by the window on a lonely chair, while I leaned against the wall beside him. “So, tell me about the plans Kyran, if you have any at this point.” Kyran was silent for a few seconds, captured in thoughts as he ran through the plans that he might have thought about at some point “I haven’t really thought about any plans. I wanted to let you participate in the planning actually. You are the one who is going to do what you can” I nodded and looked at him with a bit of curiosity “So, what am I supposed to solve this time?” Kyran sighed and looked at me “We have another one who has opposed is role in this world, and he need to be erased before he does any harm to the rest of this world, the Black Forest is moving closer getting bigger day by day, consuming more land every day, within the next days we will all be in grave danger, the Black Forest is eating away this worlds energy.” My facial expression went from being kind of natural to very serious in a matter of seconds “You can’t be serious about that... Kyran! And you wanted to wait longer to call me back here? What the hell were you thinking!?” I was about to run straight out the door to fight this Black Forest immediately “Wait... Orryon!” I stopped in the middle of the room and looked at him over my shoulder “Let’s at least have some plans before you rush out to fight it, you don’t know what is awaiting you out there…”

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