Crystal Raindrops

A normal life suddenly turned into something different. A war is about to unfold, with only one person able to stop it. An orphan boy Jozua who is 16 years old, is the reincarnation of an old hero who once before has saved both the earth and it's parallel world. Can he save it again? By turning back the time on the journey to the parallel world, can the hero really be reborn once again?


2. Chapter 1: The land of Ettaleine II

It has been a week since I last dreamt that dream, before last week I had been dreaming about it every night, why couldn’t I dream of it now? I remembered the forest and began to wonder why I always felt so terrible when I was there in a dream. Nothing bad can happen to you in a dream right? Because then it would be a nightmare, and it didn’t feel like a nightmare.
In the dream it felt like I had some kind of quest, I had some strange need of a book, a book I haven’t seen before, a book I doesn’t even know, I didn’t know what the book was containing either. It was like something inside of me was calling out to this strange book, something inside of me wanted me to get the book to a safe place, but how could I possibly find a book I didn’t know, even if it was in a dream? And that shadow, what was it? Who was it? Was it really as frightening as it felt?
I looked to the door, when someone knocked at it. “Breakfast is ready sleepyhead!” I smiled a bit and fetched my clothes that I had left on the floor the night before. I yawned loudly before I walked towards the door. I pushed down the handle, walked outside of my room and down the stairs to the kitchen.
I was probably the last one to get there. Everyone else than me was pretty quick when it came to food, they were probably fighting over it already. I was hugged from behind the second I entered the kitchen “You’re really a slowpoke sleepyhead~” The attacker was my best friend Khalil. “I’m sorry, I just got caught in my thoughts” he laughed a short cheerful laughter “That’s so like you Joz!” He pushed me towards my chair and I sat down. Khalil sat down on the chair next to mine, and we began eating our breakfast.
Most of us ate in silence, but two younger girls were fighting over a fork, because both of them claimed that it belonged to them. One of the youngest boys were talking loudly to his best friend beside him “Come on let’s do it! It’s going to be so fun!” I hadn’t heard the rest of the conversation before that, and after that it didn’t matter to me as I began to feel dizzy. “Hey, what’s wrong with you, are you still sleeping?” Khalil looked at me with a curious look. “I’m fine, I just feel a bit dizzy.”
I stood up and began to walk towards the door, I needed some fresh air. But I didn’t get far before I felt so dizzy that up was down and down was up. “Jozua!” some of the other children yelled, everyone seemed to panic at some point, and stopped what they were in the middle of, even the girls dropped the fork and let it hit the table with a loud sound. It felt like my body grew numb and I couldn’t move. I felt like my consciousness was ripped away from my body and kept falling. 
I never felt the feeling of the collision between the floor and my body. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn’t. The smell of food and the orphanage kitchen was long gone. Instead some odd scent of dirt and moisture. It smelled like a forest, as I regained the other senses I sat up and looked around. I was not home. Everything that was real to me was gone. Instead there were all these dark trees. The trees they were so dark that I couldn’t really determine their color. I stood up and began to walk, I don’t know why but I felt exhausted. I kept asking myself… Where am I? Why am I here? And am I dreaming this? Certainly it did not feel like a dream at all. Everything I touched felt somewhat real. I leaned shortly against a big tree, just to feel more exhausted, it felt like it took my energy somehow. I just decided to move on. Perhaps I could get out of this weird forest. As I went the time passed and the trees began to look brighter. Instead of looking black, they looked more grey and white more like the scenery in my dream.
The forest seemed to be more alive here, some of the trees swayed in a gentle wind that felt warm. Not like the always cold winds at home, that always sent chills down my spine, I detested cold weather. I kept moving, and after some time, I lost the sight of the black trees behind me, and life began to show itself. Birds were singing, and rabbits popped their heads out of the ground to look at me as if I was something weird that they had never seen before. The green light began to shine down from above I was curious about the green light, so I looked up to the sky. The sky was green, and it was glowing with this green light. It was relaxing somehow. I don’t know why this homely feeling grew over time. It was almost like I felt home here, as if I in person had been here and walked here before.
I could finally see an end to the forest, I felt relieved, and maybe I could find someone who could answer my questions. I continued walking, as the rain began to fall, or rain was maybe a wrong word for it. Small soft crystals were falling from the sky, they didn’t lose shape when they hit things, but it didn’t hurt to be hit by them either. It was like these small raindrops were made of energy, pure energy. I picked one up and held it in my hand for a little while. It was shining peacefully and I could feel its power, this was definitely energy. The trees were absorbing these crystal raindrops as if they were desperate for them. I was standing under a little bit of clear green sky, so the trees couldn’t reach the crystals here. Instead many small animals rushed out of their homes to collect these raindrops as if they were at least as desperate as the trees. I just stood there, watching them with a tiny smile on my lips. The rabbits that had watched me before was jumping around me collecting crystals in their mouths, whether they were eating them or just running of with them was unclear to me. I was interested about one thing though, what were they going to use these crystals for, what was the purpose of them?

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