Love struck

My. Name. Is . Sally. I'm in love with the blonde boy across the street. But when I have a past like mine how can anyone love me?


3. Those eyes

When I got the girl to the emergency room all I could see was doctors rushing. I sat down and got a text from one of my best mates Harry " hey where are you," I wrote back hospital and turned it off I needed to think. Recently a girl blacked out and I brought her to the hospital maybe she will be my new princess I smiled. Next thing I know my gang of mates are next to me with the usuall questions. Are you okay what happened and vas happen' I looked at them about to answer when a doctor came out. "You can come and see miss Sally now. Sally wow I like that name I got up and all the guys were confused. As we walked I felt like in a movie. When I got to the bed I saw blonde hair and those blue eyes they were so beautiful when I noticed she was blushing. " sorry I muttered " I'm Niall and you are Sally," she smiled knowingly and then I asked her one thing..
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