Love struck

My. Name. Is . Sally. I'm in love with the blonde boy across the street. But when I have a past like mine how can anyone love me?


6. The Date ( NIALLS POV)

I was ready for a date with a beautiful girl . I knocked on the door when she opened it my jaw dropped. She just laughed and I said " shall we," as we left I thought of the plans. When we got there it was her turn for a drop of chin. I laughed and took her in. When we got in we sat down and just talked. I liked her a lot. But Sally wasn't as innocent as I thought. She started rubbing my leg halfway through dinner. She laughed when my friend showed up. After dinner she gave me a kiss and we made out in the at for a while and then she got in the drivers seat. So I sat there waiting for whatever was next. When she stopped the car we were at a club. Ohhhh yes. I grabbed her out and we went in and danced and drank the night away until a face that I hadn't seen forever showed up. I hugged my best mate Paul and glad him about my girl I was drunk so I got a taxi with Sally. I was gonna regret this all TOMMOROW!
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