Love struck

My. Name. Is . Sally. I'm in love with the blonde boy across the street. But when I have a past like mine how can anyone love me?


4. Scared

After I blacked out all I could see was memories and I tried to run but they followed me and my heart was pounding up and down. Then I felt a force push me and my chest kept rising I was screaming because it felt like electricity. "I am dreaming" I screamed over and over and over again until it stopped and my eyes opened. I was met by a doctor who told me about a young man who saved me from an attacker and he asked me my name. " my name is Sally," as I closed my eyes I heard footsteps I quickly primped to meet my savior and I meet him with a smile. He looked like a celebrity.Them he told me his name was Niall. OMG IT WAS NIALL HORAN. Wow I was I shock as he asked me one thing. Wow for the price of saving me he asked me for one date. Of course I agreed and I asked " when and where," we winked and said "I will text you," I handed him my phone and him and the rest of the guys put their numbers in. I silently fangirled. All the guys hugged me except Niall who kissed me on the cheek. I was truly love struck.....<3 ..... Hey guys should I do any descriptive scenes yes or no please tell me what you are thinking and thank you for your constrictive criticism ~sunshine~
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