Love struck

My. Name. Is . Sally. I'm in love with the blonde boy across the street. But when I have a past like mine how can anyone love me?


2. Kicked out and killed

Hey I'm uh back. And guess what :0 I got kicked out the house!!! I found a new one lucky though and it's kinda scary... Omg there's a guy in here. I ran out of the house and saw a blonde man across the street then everything blacked out .
Nialls pov.
I was moving out today when this beauty with blonde hair comes out but her face had horror and she screamed as a man I had never seen before tried to grab her. She blacked out though. Oh my god was he gonna hurt her. I got up and knew what was going on so being the gentleman as I am I punched him in the face. Her face was so beautiful I picked her up and carried her to my car. I had to get her to the doctors.
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