Being Erika

Hi, I'm Erika.
Just a normal teenage girl.
But my parents don't agree.
They wan't to send me to a posh boarding school.
You wanna find out why?

Then read on.


4. Welcome

"Hi, Stacey," I say as she picks up her phone,
"Oh my gosh Erika, we haven't talked in ages! How are you?" She asks cheerily,
"Erm, no no no," I start, "I want to see how your holidays going before I say anything,"
"What? Oh yeah, um its really cool and fun, its also really hot!" She tells me. "Oh ok.....wait, didn't you say you were going to lapland?" I ask,
"What, erm yeah. Did I say hot? I meant cold... Brr!" She says in a nervous sort of way.
"O-K," I start,
"Yeah so um the thing is I - um, am moving schools.."
"What!? That's great Erika! Northwood it such a bad school! I hated it there,"
"You mean hate," I correct her,
"What?" She asks confused,
"You said 'I hated it there' that's what you would say if you were never coming back. You're only on holiday,"
"Oh, um yeah," she laughs nervously, "silly me,"
"Anyway.." I continue, "have you ever heard of Redmain boarding school?"
"No way!" Stacey gasps in a shocked voice, "you're not um, going there are you?"
"Well, yeah. Duh! Why else would I ask you if you knew it?" I reply,
"Oh, yeah. Sorry Erika, I've got to go. I'll talk to you later,"
Before I even have a chance to reply she hangs up.
'Well that was weird..' I think to myself.  "How long till we're there?" I ask the driver,
"About 2 and a half hours," he replies.

Longest 150 minutes of my life! All I did was play brick-braker and word mole on my blackberry. My mum sent me a few cringey texts asking how I was and my dad called once, nearly crying!
The school is absolutely MASSIVE! I can't bear to think how many annoying girls there are in there! Probably shoved so far up their own arseholes that they've gone blind!
My driver ushers me out of the car and standing there waiting for me are two women, one old and ugly and one quite young and pretty. And a man, possibly one of the 'scary' teachers in the school.
"Good afternoon Miss Charm," the younger woman says,
"Please follow me," as she turns around and starts walking, the other teachers greet me.
We stop at a small blue door (well, small compared to the rest of the giant doors) and the skinny woman introduces me to everyone.
"My name is Ms Hart, I am the head of the school. I trust you will live up to all of our standards. To your left is Mrs Burnhall, the deputy head, and to your right is Mr Peters. He will be your guide today,"
Ms Hart has a strict voice which matches the way she looks. She has long black shiny hair, reminding me of the car I came in, and a tall skinny figure. Her eyes are dark brown and as you would expect, she has a perfect complection. She's wearing a black skirt-suit with faint dark grey stripes going down. I don't think she's wearing much make up but is definitely wearing some dark lipstick.
When she opens the door a flood of noise fills my ears.
"QUIET!" She shouts to the noisy students. That's weird.. I wouldn't expect well-mannered snotty girls to make this much noise. Many of them even have their skirts pulled up to their thighs, and their shirts unbuttoned, four down.
Ms Hart makes her way to her office and we all follow. Mrs Burnhall is kind of trailing behind her. She is small, fat and wrinkly. Old, but not that old. She reminds me of my grandma wearing her flowery boring skirt and plain top.
We get to Ms Harts office and Mrs Burnhall walks in after her. I am about to step in when she says, "okay Mr Peters, you can take it from here,"
"Thank you Mrs Burnhall," he replies.
And with that, the office door is slammed shut.

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