Being Erika

Hi, I'm Erika.
Just a normal teenage girl.
But my parents don't agree.
They wan't to send me to a posh boarding school.
You wanna find out why?

Then read on.


2. Ugh

It has now been a day since I found out that I'm going to Redmain Boarding School for (Stuck up) Girls! At about 8:00 am my dad calls up to me to start packing to save me the hassle of doing it a few days before I leave. I just pretend to be asleep though. I mean, why should I go? I am fourteen. Old enough to make my own decisions and my decision is that I don't want to go to a school and sleep there with a bunch of well mannered little girls! Besides, I will totally stick out! With my scraggy light brown hair I will look like a tramp next to their perfect ponytails! And my blue-green eyes look like muddy puddles compared to their big brown eyes! Those boarding school girls always have such a perfect complection and I just have dry skin dotted with little brown freckles! And right now, to you, I may sound like a cute looking girl with pixie hair but I can assure you - I'm not! Although earlier I may have said to my mum that I just act like any normal teenage girl, that definitely isn't true! Once, at my school, (Northwood) I slapped the headmistress (who was about 75 so it was quite funny)! I also spray painted our whole tutor room black, and threw a year ten boy into a ditch! So now do you see, I do NOT belong in a posh boarding school!
I finally get bored of just laying in bed and thinking, so I get dressed and go downstairs for some breakfast. "Your lucky it's a saturday today Erika. If it was a school day, you would be more than late!" Dad exclaimed. How can he be so cheery? He knows that I'm not happy about the idea of going to boarding school yet here he is acting like nothing has happened! "I'm not going to boarding school you know!" I blurt out.
"Yes, well. You haven't been behaving very well recently so your mum and I....." His voice trails off as mum walks into the kitchen. "Morning Richard. Erika. Where's Shane?" My mum asks us.
"He's gone to the garage, honey," my dad tells her. Shane is my annoying, stupid older brother. He's in year 11 and works at a garage. Everyone fancies him. Especially year sevens!
As my mum sits down at the table, I get up, "Where are you going darling?" She asks me. "To go and pack," I say, "just like you wanted me to!" With that I spin around and go straight back up to my bedroom!
I get out my suitcase and open up my wardrobe doors. I have just started packing my t-shirts when I hear a knock at my door, "Hi Erika," mum says in a soft voice, "I see you've changed your mind about the boarding school," she sits down on the edge of my bed and pats a spot next to her in a gesture for me to come and sit down there.
"I don't want to go mum," I mutter through gritted teeth.
"Yes, I know your not very happy about the idea of going to Redmain but your father and I just thought it would be a better school for you than Northwood," she sounds so caring and understanding but all I can think about is the fact that I am packing for all the wrong reasons - I'm planning on running away! But after hearing my mum speak so kindly to me when I had been a little bitch, just makes me realise that I can never leave her! I feel so bad that I had been so mean to her. So right there and then I do the only thing I can think of doing.
"and now it's ju- " I cut her off in the middle of her sentence "Mum, I'll go!" I declare to her, hanging my head in shame of myself.
"You-you-you what?" She stutters,
"I said I'll go mum! But only for a few months like you said. Promise?" I hold out my pinky for her but she just hugs me instead! I realise how much I really love her as she whispers over my shoulder "promise!"

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