Being Erika

Hi, I'm Erika.
Just a normal teenage girl.
But my parents don't agree.
They wan't to send me to a posh boarding school.
You wanna find out why?

Then read on.


7. Stacey

Chantelle laughs "I can assure you she's not! Come with me, I'll prove it to you!"
She leads me through the long corridors to a bright pink door with the numbers '24' at the top in gold.
Chantelle stands there, "go on then! Knock," I look at the poorly decorated door and then back at her.
"Ugh! I'll do it then!" Chantelle knocks quite hard and shouts Violas name.
"Yes I'm coming! Calm down!" I hear behind the door,
It swings open to reveal a 14 year old girl with dark brown hair. She's twisted it into a bun making her face look tight.
She has no spots or flaws whatsoever. But she is a bitch.
"UGH! Its you! Your such a freak, Cherry!" Viola says
"Chantelle," she corrects,
"Uh whatever! What the hell do you want anyway?"
"Is Stacey in there?" Chantelle asks looking past Viola.
"No. Why?" Viola spits with a scowl,
"Oh.. Um.. Got some lip gloss to give to her,"
"Oooh! You can give it to me and I'll pass it on to her,"
"Uh no, sorry. I'd rather give it to her direct,"
"Oh okay." Viola sighs, "she's i- hold on" she turns to me, "who's your friend?"
She asks Chantelle whist looking me up and down.
"Oh, this is Erika, she's new here,"
"Ha," Viola laughs, "good luck. Stacey's on the field with Emily and Ellie,"

My god. The field is like 3 times the size of our local field back home. And there's like a massive forest at the back of it! I swear, one day I'm going to get lost in it!
We wonder around for a a bit trying to find Stacey. Just as we're about to give up I spot a bright orange head poking out of a group of people.
"Woah," I say "who's that? Her hair is awesome!"
Chantelle turns her attention towards the ginger haired teen.
"Oh! That's Polly - one of the populars," she tells me, rolling her eyes.
"Who's she with?" I ask
"Um, I dunno. Hold on," Chantelle squints in their direction.
"Stacey!" Chantelle shouts, "and Ellie and Emily.."
"What?" I say. "No that's not her. Stacey's got bright blonde hair - they've all got dark brown hair,"(well apart from the redhead) I state.
Chantelle sighs as if I've missed something obvious.
"Ever heard of hair die, Erika?"
"But.. But.. It can't be her! She told me she's in Lapland! Why would she lie to me?" I ask, confused.
"I dunno. Let's go eavesdrop!" Chantelle suggests.
Being the nosey bugger I am, I agree. They're all standing by some trees on the outside of the forest. So all we have to do is go into the forest from a distance and then gradually move in.
"Ahh!" I shout, "there's so many cobwebs!"
"SSSHH!!!" Chantelle whispers, annoyed.
"Sorry," I whisper back.
We get to the bit of the forest that the pack of girls are standing by and listen in on their conversation.
"Yeah, I know! She's got no taste at all! I hate that I have to share a room with her," a posh voice says.
"Ah, shut up! She's coming now!" another says.
Me and Chantelle turn our heads to see Viola running towards them.

"Guys, guys!" Viola shouts, waving her hands frantically in the air.
"Yes, we can hear you!" Says a long-haired girl.
"There's a new student in our class!" Viola states, coming to a halt, "She's made friends with that Charlie girl,"
"What? I dont know anyone called Charlie," a girl with a pony-tail says, confused.
"Yes you do! She used to be my roomate," Viola tells her.
"You mean Chantelle," Polly the redhead says matter-of-factly.
Stacey has her fingertips pressed against her temple, "Shut up!" she shouts, "Viola. Did you get her name?"
Viola stops to think. "Um, yeah. Elenoar, or something like that. Why?"
"Erika?" Stacey asks.
Erika flinches at the menton of her name.
"Oh, yeah. Erika. That was it! How do you know?" a look of confusion spreads across Violas face.
"Oh god," Stacey mutters,
"What!?" all four girls shout in unison.
"That was creepy," Chantelle whisperes to me - never taking her eyes of the populars.
"Well, you all know that i moved here from Northwood right," the girls nod "Yeah, well, Erika was my best friend there. I never told her that I moved here because i knew it would break her heart," Stacey finishes.
A pause. Then all five girls laugh - even stacey.
"Okay," Long-haired girl says, still giggling, "what really happened?"
"Well what i said about her being my best friend was true - though i never really liked her much to be honest. When i found out I was moving here, I told her I was going on holiday to Lapland," Stacey tells them.
Pony-tail girl bursts out laughing, "And she believed you?" she asks.
"Well of course she did!" Says Stacey, "she's a stupid idoit isn't she! Anyway, she was way to clingly to me and that's why i lied to her. Now that she's found me, It's just gonna start all over again."
I feel my body bubbling up with anger. 'Controll yourself, Erika. Dont do anything stupid.' I say to myself.
"Aw! I feel for you Stace!" Polly says with empathy.                                                                          Stuck up cow.
"Maybe we could disguise you?" pony-tail girl says.
"Yeah," Stacey says laughing, "She's so bloody annoying!"
Okay. My anger has reached boiling point now. I tear out of the murky woods, into the daylight.
"Yeah well at least I'm not a slutty bitch like you Stacey!" I shout in her face.
"Erika!" Stacey gasps, looking at the trees I emerged from, then back at me.
"Erika," Chantelle starts, queitly, "What are you doing?"
"Just fuck off Stacey!" I shout, louder this time. "C'mon Chantelle," I start to run towards the school building - hearing Chantelles steps behind me. When she finally falls into pace with me, I say;
"Show me to Stacey's room. There's something I need to do,"

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