Being Erika

Hi, I'm Erika.
Just a normal teenage girl.
But my parents don't agree.
They wan't to send me to a posh boarding school.
You wanna find out why?

Then read on.


8. Pink

We're standing outside the hot pink door once again.
"How are we gonna get in?" Chantelle asks, "There's no-one inside and we dont have a key,"
I turn the handle and the door obediently opens.
"Like that," I say as we walk inside. Chantelle closes the door behind her as I start to rumage through the drawers.
"This feels wrong," she states. A guilty look spreads across her face. I turn to her, angry. "You heard what Stacey said!" I shout, "She deserves this," I turn back to the drawers and continue my search for the necklace.
"Well hurry up!" she whispers, "We don't have much time,"
"Ureka!" I shout. I take the pendant from underneath the clothes and her i-pod too - for good measures.
"Okay, lets go," Chantelle says moving towards the door. I start to go with her but stop at a white dresser. I stare at the photograph clipped to the mirror. Chantelle moans at me but i just ignore her and pick the object up for a closer look. It's of Stacey and her family. I remember it being taken. On her 12th birthday. I was there - in that picture. She's cut me out of it! I tear it up into tiny pieces and throw them on Staceys bed.
"Let's go," I say, pulling Chantelles arm and storming out of the room.

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