Being Erika

Hi, I'm Erika.
Just a normal teenage girl.
But my parents don't agree.
They wan't to send me to a posh boarding school.
You wanna find out why?

Then read on.


3. Goodbye

Two weeks later I am standing outside my house next to a big, black shiny car. I feel like one of those girls in the movies who has to leave her 'hometown' and then all her family start crying and drowning her in hugs! I am dressed in the Redmain uniform which is a checkered blue skirt, a white blouse, black flats and a little ribbony thing round my neck (not a tie though)! I have my navy blue blazer in my suitcase as it's a hot day and I know I won't be needing it.  
One by one, my family come over and hug me. First my brother. He says, "I'll be using your room for parties," which I know he won't be because dad has eyes everywhere! Then dad comes to say goodbye and wishes me luck. Lastly my mum gives me a big, tight hug. "We will all miss you Erika, I hope you make many new friends," OH NO!!! I totally forgot to tell Stacey! Oh, yeah erm, Stacey's my best friend, and she tends to get a little angry when I keep secrets from her, but the thing is, she's on holiday and has been for actually - ages, and I just totally forgot she even existed!
As I jump into the car and wave goodbye to my family, I come to the conclusion that I will just have to ring her while we're driving. But for now I'm saying goodbye to my old ways, and soon I'm going to become a posh, well mannered young lady.

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