Being Erika

Hi, I'm Erika.
Just a normal teenage girl.
But my parents don't agree.
They wan't to send me to a posh boarding school.
You wanna find out why?

Then read on.


6. Chantelle

Mr Peters knocks on the door and it opens to reveal a frizzy-haired black girl, about my age. She's very pretty.
"Hel- oh. What are you doing here?" She asks sir - with a big clump of attitude in her voice.
"Say hello to your new room-mate," he says.
She looks confused. She then turns to me and big grin spreads across her face.
"Oh em gee, oh em gee, oh em gee! I haven't had a room-mate for like 4 months because she moved schools and then the other one decided to move dorms - but she was a bitch anyway,"
"Language!" Mr Peters interrupts,
"Oh shut up!" The girl replies, "I've heard worse from you! Anyway," she turns to face me again, "I've been so lonely! But finally I have someone to talk to! I'm Chantelle," she holds out her hand to me and I shake it,
"Erika," I tell her.
"Erika." She confirms, "cool name! So where did you come from?"
"A really crappy school called Northwood,"
Chantelle thinks for a moment, "no, never heard of it,"
"Yeah that's because its shit! Anyway I was too misbehaved so my parents sent me here," Chantelle smiles, she's not snotty or posh at all! She's a bit like Mr Peters actually.
"Well you don't have it that bad," she says with a raised eyebrow,
"I had to move here a year ago because of him," she pokes sir in the stomach as she says this,
"Hey don't feel sorry for yourself!" He starts, "if your old man hadn't of got this job then you wouldn't have an i-pad right now,"
Old man? Ohh! That explains everything! Chantelle is Mr Peters daughter!
"Yeah whatever, you can go now," she says to him, dragging me into her room. "A-ba-bye!" She slams the door on his face and looks at me.
"Oh your so pretty," she tells me, sounding sad.
"What!? Are you kidding me? No I'm not! Your like - beautiful!"
"Uh, with him as my dad, I definitely know I'm not," she laughs.
"There's two spare beds here so pick the one you like the most,"
I pick one next to a small set of drawers, and notice a painting of poppy fields above it. Then when I look around the room I see them everywhere.
"What're these?" I ask, nodding to the pictures.
"Oh," Chantelle turns a dark shade of pink, "they're, um, my paintings. Sorry! They're really bad. I'll take them down,"
"No!" I shout, "they're amazing! Your a very talented artist!"
"Really?" She says, looking astonished. "No-ones ever told me that before. Thanks,"
She comes over to me and sits on my bed.
"Okay - sit!"
I do as I'm told and walk over to her.
"There's a couple things you need to know about this school: number 1. We're not completely boy stranded. There's a boys boarding school across the road from us, and on weekends we can get the bus to town and 'mix', as the teachers say, with them.
Number 2: laptops, i-pads, phones etc. are strictly off-limits. So hide yours under your clothes or something when the room's under inspection.
Number 3: its a Saturday so WHY are you wearing uniform?"
I look down at my shirt and skirt and then look at Chantelle's blue hoodie and shorts.
"Oh god, I look like such an idiot don't I! I was told to come wearing uniform!"
"Um yeah well no-one wears uniform at the weekend," she informs me.
I'm trying to think about something I saw earlier. Hmm... Oh! I've got it!
"How come when I came in there were about 5 girls standing in uniform but with really high skirts and tied up shirts?"
Chantelle looks at me funny for a while. Then its like a light bulb just lit up above her head.
"Oh! Your talking about 'the populars' they wear uniform 24/7,"  
"The 'populars'?" I ask,
"Yeah, there's about 20 of them, usually hanging out in a massive group. Let me just think who's in it.." She replies.
"A bunch of bitches then I guess?" I say.
"Yeah. One of them was the bitch I used to share a dorm with. Umm, Viola Redrock her name was,"
"Sounds like a posh twat name,"
"A posh twat name FOR a posh twat," Chantelle corrects me.
"There's also Scarlet Read, Emily Kay, Stacey Brown, Polly Cru-"
"Woah, woah woah! Rewind. Stacey who?" I say,
"Stacey Brown." Chantelle confirms for me,
"Why? Do you know her?"
"Yeah," I say, "I do. But she doesn't go to this school. And she's in Lapland right now,"

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