I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


10. We belong together

I wake up the next morning on the couch. Harry is sitting next to me. He's looking at me gives me a kiss on the cheek. ''Morning beautiful'' he says. ''Morning sweety'' I answer. ''What day is it?'' I ask. ''Monday morning 10 AM'' He answers. ''SHIT!!'' I say. ''I have school today!!'' ''No sweetheart we said that you're sick'' ''Why?'''I ask. ''You can't go to school Lisa! You're to tired and unhappy'' ''I know'' I answer. ''The boys are to the studio because they have to do an interview and you're mum is at work.'' ''How about you? You have an interview to!'' I say. ''Lisa I want to stay with you'' ''B-'' ''No not but, I stay with you'' ''Okay then'' I answer and I give him a kiss on his cheek. He blushes. cute. ''I'll make some breakfast for you'' ''okay'' I answer. He stands up and walks to the kitchen. The doorbell rings. I look at the kitchen and I hear that Harry gets some stuff. I stand up and walk to the door. I open it and I see my ex Nicky standing right in front of me. Oh my god. He tries to get in. ''Hi sweetheart'' I push him back. ''What te fuck?'' I say ''What's wrong babe?'' He asks and he tries to kiss me. ''What're you doing Nicky? FUCK UP'' I say and I push him back again. ''What did you say?'' He asks calmly. ''Fuck up.'' I say again. He gets a knive and puts it on my throat. ''Lisa show some respect for me, or this knife goes right through your throat.'' He says calmly. ''So be a good girl and give me a kiss.'' He says if he leans forward. ''NICKY FUCK OFF!!'' I scream if I push him back. He grabs my waist and tries to pull me into a kiss. Harry runs to the door. ''Lisa? I h-'' ''HARRY'' I scream. He runs to me and he pushes Nicky back. ''WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING DUDE?'' He screams. ''Not your business.'' Nicky answers. Harry looks at me. ''He tried to kiss me and he puts a knive to my troath..'' I say. ''WHAT?!'' he screams and his eyes widen. He looks at my troath and he sees a cut with blood. His eyes filled with anger. He pushes Nicky to the ground and he jumps on top of him. ''Harry stop!!'' I scream and I grab my phone. I call Louis. ''LOUIS COME HERE NOWW!!'' I scream in panic. ''We're driving you're street in right now, what's wr-..'' he says. ''HURRYY UP!!!'' I scream and I hang up the phone. I see a car coming closer. I run to Harry and I try to pull him of Nicky. The car stops by my house. The car doors open and Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn run out of the car. I take a step backwards and Louis and Liam grab Harry and Zayn and Niall grab Nicky. Harry has a bloody nose and some scratches on his face. Nicky has a black eye and a bloody nose. I walk to Nicky and I say:  ''I hate you stupid idiot! Don't you dare to ever come back or I'll kill you!'' And I slap him in the face and I walk to Harry. ''Go away or we will call the police'' Liam says calmly to Nicky. Niall and Zayn pushes Nicky away and he falls to the ground. Just good. Nicky screams: ''I'll get you Lisa! You will be mine! And you can not do anything against it!'' I walk to Harry, I grab his hand and I take him with me inside.  I let him sit on the couch and I walk to the kitchen to pick a wet cloth. I walk back to the livingroom and I see all the boys on the couches. ''We will go to the store and get some food and plasters and stuff'' Liam says. ''Oke'' I say and the boys leave. I take the blood at Harry's nose away and I make the scratches on his face clean. ''Omg.. Harry I.. I'm so sorry..'' I whisper and a tear rolls down my cheek. ''No Lisa it's not your fault'' He says and he wipes my tear away. ''Yes it is, beca-..'' I'm interrupted by Harry who kisses me softly. When we pull back he says; ''Lisa don't think it's you fault, because it isn't. I will do anything for you and I will always protect you'' He says ''Because..'' He stops and looks to the ground. ''Yes Harry?'' I say. He looks up and looks into my eyes, he grabs my hands and he says: ''Because we belong together.''

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