I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


5. The next day

I open my eyes and look around me. Sunlight shining into my room. I lie in my bed with my clothes on. I look at the clock. 10 hours. I rub through my eyes and step out of bed. I open the curtains and see snow. Pff not again. I groan. I put on my pajamas and socks. I walk down the stairs and see that the boys are still asleep. Louis moves. "Louis are you awake?'' I whisper. Louis looks up and nods. I beck him. He steps out of his sleeping bag without waking anyone. ''shall we make some food for them?'' Louis nods and rubs the sleep from his eyes.''Pancakes? ''yes great'' We walk into the kitchen and I point Louis everything and he goes to work. I walk upstairs and grab my portable speaker and my ipod. I walk back down and I describe my plan to Louis. He laughs. We cover the table and go back to the living room. I choose a Skrillex song on my ipod. That's very loud. I don't play it on yet. I put the volume of my ipod and my speaker on his loudest ''Ready?'' I ask ''Yes'' Louis answer ''we're dead'' ''I know'' laughs Louis. I click the playbutton and Bangarang by Skrillex fills the room. The boys jumps up and look at where the sound comes from. there are me and Louis laughing. Harry rubbed his eyes and jumps out of his sleeping bag and ran towards me. Before I know I hang on his shoulder and I get carried to the mattress.'' HARRYYY LET ME GOOO!'' I scream. Everyone laughs. I'm on the mattress thrown and Harry is on top on me. He tickles me and the tears stream down my face Louis puts the music softer and put another song on. Zayn close his eyes again and Niall calls; ''PANCAKES!'' and he rushes into the kitchen. Liam follows him and Louis jumps on Zayn and let him wake up. I try to push Harry off. But I can not. Louis drags Zayn into the kitchen and I hear chairs shifting and cutlery ring. Harry stopped tickling but still hold me. ''Maybe we should go to the kitchen Mister Styles.'' I say still laughing. ''Is good babe'' and he helps me up. I'm still a little unstable when I suddenly get a hug. then I stand straight and look at Harry. He blushes and then he walks to the kitchen. I remain perplexed. I smile and walk into the kitchen to have breakfast.

We all ate and showered. I'm still in my room and look in the mirror. I realize I still have old mascara on so I take the leftovers and put a little bit new on. I put off my pajamas, because I had put it on again after showering, I pull my blue skinny jeans on, my white top and a gray cardigan. I put my sneakers on and I do my bff necklace around and put my earrings on. I do my hair and when I'm ready I walk down stairs.

The boys are watching tv. I walk quietly to the couch and I scare Louis and he immediately jumps up and he chase me. I run away laughing with Louis after me. A little later we roll on the ground an I'm for once on top of him, but he is too strong and I lie back under. I crawl out from under him and run outside. I grab a handful of snow and wait until he comes out. Then I give him a broadside. The rest comes out and we have a snow war. Everyone stands alone. And of course, since I am the girl and I the loudest scream I am the victim. We go back inside and Liam put the stove on again. We're are all cozy by the fire to dry as Zayn proposes to go shopping today. Everyone agrees. Except me. ''I do not like shopping ..'' ''Lisa come on you have to come!'' says Niall ''Okay okay okay I'll go'' ''then maybe we can buy a nice outfit for your birthday.'' says Harry. '' How do you know it's almost my birthday?'' I ask. ''Twitter dear lisa, you're anniversary is the 24th of November, which is next Saturday.'' ''True'' .. I say. ''Let's go then!'' Says Louis and we take our coats and leave.
Once arrived at the mall, the boys put on their sunglasses and they go into a store. I follow them. Louis walks over to a bench and says; "Go sit here and wait.'' ''Uh okay ..'' I say. The guys split up and one by one they come back with each gorgeous outfits. In my measure.'' How do you guys know my size?'' ''That's a gift'' says Zayn. I smile. I put the outfits on It's not.. perfect... the boys split once again. Louis comes back with a super flashy red pants. Zayn with a top that my shows my beautifully figure. Niall found some fantastic pair of sneakers, and Liam the best bracelet I've ever seen. Harry came back with nothing. He looks at the clothes and at me then he goes away. I look after him in surprise. I grab the clothes and walk to the dressing room. I put everything on together, and when I come out the guys look at me with open mouth. The red skinny jeans allows me very well and the white sneakers are perfectly, just as the white top with red imprint; Let's party! The bracelet  Liam had found had keys, just the same keys as the key on my bff necklace. It is amazing. I put my own clothes on again and Louis grabs the clothes and says, ''You can go outside, we'll be right back'' ''okaay'' I say and I walk out.

I just look at the mannequins in the window, as Harry comes back with a small bag in his hand. ''here, this is for you'' he says, and hands me the bag blushing. I open it and take out a pair of earrings in the form of 2 keys with diamonds. I look at Harry. ''Harry Ooh thank you! that's very sweet of you! but I can not assume it's probably been expensive.'' ''No Lisa, you must assume. it's a present for your birthday.'' ''ahww thank you Harry, You're to sweet!'' I say and give him a kiss on his cheek. He blushes. What is he cute. The boys come out and Louis has 2 bags in his hand. ''Here you go!'' He laughs and gives me the bags. '' Ahw you guys are so sweet! I love you'' I say and pull them towards me in a group hug.

When we get home, I admire the purchase. I must put it on again. I put the clothes on and come like a model down the stairs and keep an entire fashion show. Then the phone rings and I stop. I see that Harry looks at me with big eyes and his mouth wide open. ''This is Lisa" I say. ''Hi lisa with your mother again.'' ''Hi Mom!'' ''Baby I just want to say that I don't come home until tomorrow evening, I'm sorry but there is very much work to do!'' ''okay Mom it's okay, I'm okay'' ''I love you baby'' ''I love you too, Mum'' I say and hang up the phone and walk back to the boys "Mom isn't home until tomorrow night ..'' I say. ''another sleepover?'' I laugh. The boys nod in agreement and Liam proposes to go to the hotel to get some clothes to pick. That'll be a fun night.
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