I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


4. Sleepover

All pizzas are eaten, and I realize now that my clothes are wet and I'm really cold. I shiver. Harry sees it and he put his arm around me. ''Wow Lisa you're like an icecube!'' He says. I lay my head on his shoulder and I shiver again. I am freezing but when I'm with Harry, I'm feeling warm. ''I'll put the stove on'' Liam says. ''oke.. Li.. Liam.. b.. but.. do.. don't burn my h.. house..'' I say shivering. ''I think it is best if you take a hot shower and if you put some dry clothes on.'' Harry says. ''Yes.. but.. you to..'' I rub my hands so they are warmer. ''I have no dry clothes with me.'' He says. ''My brother left the house but he has some old clothes left. You can put them on if you want. And you can take a shower 'cause he had a own bathroom.'' Great, I can talk normal again. ''Do it Harry, or you can get a cold'' Louis says. ''Oke'' Harry says and we went upstairs. We're going in my room and I open my closet. He look around my room and sees my One Direction posters. "Are you a fan of us?'' He says with a smile. ''Kinda..'' I answer and I blush. Thank god he only sees my back. I'm looking in my closet for some old clothes from Jake. My brother. I find a sweater, sweatpants, shorts, t-shirt and socks. I give the clothes to Harry and walk to the bathroom to get a towell for him. I walk back and give it to him. I show Harry Jake's bathroom and he says; ''Thanks'' and he smiles. He goes into the bathroom and I go to my room and lock the door. I walk to my closet en grab a sweater, my pyama, bh, underwear and socks. I go to my bathroom and put the dry clothes on the toilet. I pull off my wet clothes and throw them in the hamper. I do my rubber band out of my hair and shake my wet hair out. I go in the shower and wash my body and hair. When I'm done I take a towel and dry my short blond curly hair. With another towell I dry my body. I'm out of the shower and I get dressed. I brush my hair and take the leftovers mascara under my eyes away. I look at the mirror. Wow. I look kinda great. Thank you douche. I smile and walk out the bathroom. In my room I see an old picture from me and Jake. I miss him. Tears fill my eyes. No Lisa. Don't cry. Not now. I shake my tears away and I'm looking for my phone. Shit. I run to my bathroom and grab my wet jeans. I feel in the pocket. My phone. I take him out and see if it still works. Thank god. I send a sms to Jake; 
Hi jake, I miss you. xxx your little sister
I put my phone in my pocket and I walk to my room. I unlock my door and I go to Jake's old room. The door is open. I think Harry is already downstair. I walk to the stairs and go down. All the boys are on the couches and they are watching a movie. When Harry sees me his mouth formed a perfect o. His lips are moving and they're saying; ''wow'' I blush and walk to the boys. I'm going to sit on Harry's lap. ''Lisa..'' Liam starts. ''We have a problem..'' ''What's wrong?'' I say. ''Outside is full of the paparazzi.'' Says Louis. ''Oh..'' I say. Everybody is looking at me.

Liam POV

Everybody is looking at Lisa. 
It is impolite to ask if we can stay the night, but we can not do otherwise. Just before I want to ask the phone rings. Lisa runs towards it. In the room remains silent. When Lisa returns, all eyes on her. '' That was my mother, she's not coming home tonight, so if you want, you can stay here ..'' she says. Everyone starts to cheer. '' Thanks Lisa, that's very nice of you.'' I say and get up and give her a hug. Everyone is now on and does the same. Lisa is sweet. 

Louis POV

I like Lisa very much. I love her. not in the way of love, but as friends. She feels like a sister to my and I would protect her, everytime. Really weird how someone in such a short time so well can feel as a sister for me.

Niall POV

Lisa is a really sweet girl, I look at her and see how beautiful she is. I already love her like a sister. Not as in love. Wow what I've got a beautiful sister! '' Lisa'' yes''?'' She says. '' I love you. as sister and best friend.'' I smile. "Ahww Niall that's so sweet, I love you too, you know!'' She walks up to me and hugs me. Jup that's my sister and best friend.
Zayn POV

I have not really had a conversation with Lisa but she seems really nice. Tonight I would even talk to her because it's a bit rude that I did not really have talked with her . I get a message from Perrie. ''iloveyou'' it says. I smile and send some back. I look up and see that Lisa is back on Harry's lap. actually they are quite sweet together even though there five years or so between them. I will tell one time against Louis, who knows what to do with.
Harry POV

Lisa is different. From the moment she opened the door I found her already different. Not such a fan who screams or cries. She stood there. She's pretty. very handsome. I want to do everything to be with her and I want to cuddle her the whole day. But I'm 19 and she is almost 15.. But.. I think .. I think I'm in love with her ..

Lisa POV

I'm back on Harry's lap and we watch some vague program. Louis gets up and walks to the hall. He comes back with a film in his hand. '' Look what I got! shall we look this movie?, it was still in my pocket. from yesterday'' Everyone nods and Louis puts the film on. The title is rather bloody and then there stand 18 years and over on the screen and a horror mark. I glide from Harry's lap and prop myself between Louis and Harry. '' Can you handle it?" Asks Louis worried.'' Yeah ..'' I say dubitable '' Okay ..'' he says and he starts the movie. Harry whispers in my ear: ''If it's scary, you can squeeze in my hand. '' nd he puts his arm around me and offer his hand, which I gratefully assume. there goes another shock through my body. I am totally into the film as a shock moment comes. I spring a few feet into the air and let out a little scream. Then I turn a hand over my mouth while everyone looks at me, smiling. I squeeze into Harry's hand and he gives me a little pinch back. the rest of the film I have my hands over my eyes and I'm totally against harry on. When the movie is over I pass my hands away and stretch myself out. I yawn and look at the clock.'' wow it's been 11 hours!" I call. the rest sees it too.'' do you know what to do tomorrow?'' I ask.'' uhmm no'' says Liam. ''Great'' I say.'' Then we can go sleep when we want and also we can watch now  a less scary movie''. I smile and everyone laughs. ''Whether we lay here first mattresses down'' I suggest. '' good idea Li Li'' Says Louis. Li li so .. I ask Liam and Niall the table to shift and take Zayn, Harry and Louis upstairs to fetch mattresses. Zayn carries 1 mattress. Harry 1. and Louis and me 1. Louis and I are walking to the stairs and stop there. '' How do we do this?'' Asks Zayn who's behind us. I look at Louis. '' Do you think the same as I do?'' I say. '' I think it'' he says with a laugh. we put the mattress down and go sit on it. Louis clamps his legs around me and we keep the mattress firmly. Zayn starts laughing along with Harry and they push us. We slide down the stairs and before we know it we are down and we come to rest against the wall with a bang. We begin to laugh hard and the tears running down our cheeks. Zayn and Harry come down the stairs with the mattress. '' I would rather not dead yet'' says Zayn laughing. '' me either'' harry laughs along. Louis and I look at each other and started laughing again.   The mattresses are deposited and there are blankets on it. Harry, Louis and Liam have to sleep on the mattresses and Zayn and Niall on the couches. Louis pretends he sleeps and I jump on top of him. I start to laugh and run to Harry and go sit on his lap. Louis comes to me and sits on my lap. "Louis Auwww you crush me!'' Louis rolled off me and sits down next to us on the couch and laughs. Niall laughs at me. Zayn is figuring out how the remote works and Liam is viewing the films. A little later we're looking the movie Cars. I am a little tired and lean back against Harry. he puts his arms around me. This feels good. His hair tickles my cheek and I can feel how he breathes slowly. I get goosebumps. What feels good to be with him.  

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