I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


7. Just a normal day at school..

I'm sitting on the empty couch. Mum isn't home yet and I decide to go to bed. I walk upstairs and I go to my room. I putt my pyjamas on and brush my teeth. I go to bed and I grab my phone. 143 new whatsapp messages. Great. I don't want to read it because I'm tired. I close my eyes and open them again when my phone vibrates. I've got a new text from Lou is so hot; Hi princess! what'cha doing? I text back: trying to get some sleep wbu? Lou is so hot: Oh sorry my princess, sleep well xx ps at what time do you have nooning 2morrow? Lisa: At 11 am and 1.05 pm. why?  Lou is so hot: you'll see princess xx night night Lisa: uuh oke.. night night xx. I turn my phone off and put it onder my pillow. I close my eyes and I fall asleep.

-Next day-

I wake up by my alarm. I turn it off and I get up. I take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, brush my teeth, put some mascara on and I walk downstairs. I look around and can't see my mum. I walk to the kitchen and I see a note. Not again. I read the note. Dear Lisa, I'm early to my work today, so I see you about 6 pm. love you xxx mum. Yeah right.. Home alone. Again. I make something to eat and turn my phone on. I watch the time and see that I have to go to school. I grab my bag, my keys, my food and my phone and my bike and I'm on my way to school. 

-In the second break-

Louis POV

''He guys shall we call Lisa? She is having her second break today.'' I say. All the boys nod. I get my phone and I call Lisa.

Lisa POV

I'm sitting with my friends on a bench outside. We complain about the next class when my phone vibrate. I take it out my pocket and read a name from the screen. Lou is so hot. I answer my phone. ''Hello?'' ''Hi Lisa this is Louis!'' Louis say. ''Hi!'' I greet back. ''What'cha doing?'' He asks. ''Having lunch outside with my friends on a bench.'' I say. ''Sounds cool!'' He answer. I laugh. ''Hee Lisa waarom praat je engels?'' (Hey Lisa why do you speak English.) One of my friends asks. ''Lang verhaal'' (Long story) I answer. ''Who's that?'' Louis asks. ''Oh one of my friends'' ''Have you told them about meeting us?'' he asks. ''No not yet.'' ''Okee'' he says. ''Hey what class to you have next?'' he asks. ''Uhmm I dunno, wait'' I say ''Hee welk vak hebben we hierna?'' (hee what class do we have next?) I ask one of my friends. ''Uhmm geschiedenis.'' (History) Femke answers. ''Oke thanks'' I say. ''Heey Lou my next class is History bleehh.'' I say to Louis. ''uhgg in what chamber?'' ''uhm I guess in 129, why?'' ''You will see..'' he says. ''Lisa we have to go now byeee'' Louis says. ''Byee'' I say and I hang up my phone and turn it off. Then the bell rings.

Harry POV

''Hey Lou, why did you call Lisa?'' I ask. ''Because we gonna save her from history right now.'' he answers. ''Uhmm okee..'' I say and the boys and I put our shoes, our jackets, our hats and our sunglasses on and we left our hotelroom. We're going to Lisa's school.

Lisa POV

I'm sitting in History class and the teachers is writing something on the blackboard. I just want to say something to Femke when there's a knock on the door. Everyone looks at the door, including the teacher, when the door is opened and there 5 persons come in with sunglasses and hats. My mouth drops open and I whisper; ''Oh. My. God..'' Femke looks at me with a wonder-struck face , but then looks back at the 5 persons. ''Kan ik jullie helpen?'' (Can I help you) My teacher asks. ''Yeahh we're looking for Lisa'' one of the 5 persons say. The teacher looks to me. ''Lisa, wie zijn deze mensen?'' (Lisa, who are these people?) She asks. I sigh. ''One Direction, mevrouw.'' (One direction, miss) I say and I stand up and walk towards the boys, who pulls me into a grouphug. Everybody looks surprised at us and I say: ''Boys you can put the sunglasses and the hats off now''. The boys do what I say and about a minute later One Direction stand right next to me. ''We came here for our best friend Lisa'' Harry says. All the boys nod. Everybody is looking at me right now and the mouth of my best friend Femke drops open. Yeah.. She's a Directioner to.. ''We can take some pictures with you if you want? Or sign something.'' Liam says. ''But you may not yell or call some other friends now. 'cause, if you do we can never leave..'' Zayn says. My whole class nods. I smile to the boys and say: ''Guys you're the best'' and I hug them. ''Femke kom is'' (Femke come) I say to my best friend. She stands up and walks to me. ''H-Hi..'' She says to the boys. ''Hi Femke!'' They say. ''Lisa je moet me wat uitleggen'' (Lisa you have to explain me) She says. I started to laugh. ''Dat komt later'' (I will, Later) I say. ''So who wants a picture with One Direction?'' I say to my class. Some hands goes up and the boys sing papers and goes on picture with some fans. If the lesson almost is over Niall says; ''I'm sorry guys but we have to go now''. And to my teacher he says; ''Can we take Lisa with?'' ''Alsjeblieft? dit is mijn laatste les.'' (Please? this is my last class) I say. ''Uhmm..'' My teacher says. ''Please'' beg the boys and me. ''Oke then.'' She says. ''Yeaahh!!'' The boys and I cheer and we left the class after we say bye. We go to my locker to get my jacket and before the bell rings we're in the car driving to my home.

''Thanks for saving me from History, boys'' I say if we're at my place. ''No problem, love'' Harry says and he winks. I blush.

Zayn POV

Harry is always flirting with Lisa. I decide to tell Louis. ''Louis can I talk to you outside?'' I ask. ''Yeah, no problem'' He says. We went outside and I make my point. ''How about Lisa and Harry?'' I whisper. ''I think they're kinda cute but they differ 5 years..'' ''Yeah I know, but you're right. they are cute. I think Harry is in love..'' He says. ''So what are we going to do?'' I ask. ''mhh..'' Louis says. ''I can go talk with Harry and you with Lisa?'' ''Yeah that's oke'' I say. ''Oke! Mission Lirry starts right now!'' He says while clapping his hands. and we went inside.

Louis POV

Zayn and I walk back inside and I'm going to sit next to Harry. I give Liam the look and he understands me immidiatly. I point unobtrusively to Harry. ''So shall we go to the McDonalds?'' Liam ask. And everybody nods. Except me. ''Harry can I talk to you for a minute?'' I ask. ''Yes, No problem bro.'' He says. ''You can go to the McDonalds and we will see you guys later.'' ''Oke come on then.'' Niall says and the others follow him to the door. When they're gone I start. ''Soooo...'' I say. ''What's up?'' He asks. ''How about you and Lisa?'' I say. Harry become red. ''Oh.. we're.. we're.. just friends..'' He says. ''Harry I know you LIKE her!'' I say. ''I-..'' ''Don't lie to me Harold Edward Styles'' ''Oke maybe I like her..but only a little..'' He says blushing. ''Harry..'' I say ''Oke I like her a lot oke! But it's wrong! she's 5 years younger than me!'' he exclaims. ''Harry you can't stop love!'' I say. ''Who says I'm in love with her..?'' ''You do'' ''I'm not'' ''Yes you are'' ''No I don't!'' He says. ''Harry you're my best friend! I know when you're in love! so don't lie and be honest! Say that you're in love with her!'' ''I-'' "SAY IT!'' I scream. ''I'minlovewithher'' He mumbles. ''I can't hear you'' I say. ''I'm in love with her.'' He whispers. ''What?'' I say. ''I'M IN LOVE WITH HER!'' He screams ''Happy now?'' He asks. ''yes I am'' I smile. ''But don't tell her..'' He says. ''No you have to tell it by yourself'' I answer. ''When..?'' He asks. ''Saturday. on her birthday'' I say. ''N-no..'' he says. ''If you don't I will do it.'' I say. ''we will see..'' He says. ''Yes we will'' I say. ''So little Harry is in love..'' I say with a dumb grin and I jump on him and we start a tickle fight.

Lisa POV

When we came back from the McDonalds, Harry and Louis are asleep on the couch. How cute. I run towards them and jump on them. They wake up and start to tickle me. ''AAAhhhh not again!!'' I scream. ''It's you fault princess'' Louis says. The other boys comes to us and join us. We're having a tickle war.

-some minutes later-

We're sitting on the couch, watching MTV. WMYB comes on the tv and the boys join in. Wow I've got a private concert. With Harry's solo he's looking at me and I blush and look away. 

- In the evening -

The boys have to go again and I invite them to my birthday. They love to come. I give them a hug and they drive away.

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