I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


16. Is it true?

Harry POV

About an hour later I went to the bathroom and I wash my face. My eyes are red and puffy from crying. I walk back to my bed and I grab my laptop. I go on twitter and I check my mentions. I read the last few and I stop at one tweet. It says: ''Hi Harry, is this your best friend Lisa? Does she have a boyfriend?" There is a link in the tweet. I click on it. I come on a site with the latest news about celebrities. I'm shocked when I see the title of the front page. ''Has One Direction's princess found her prince?'' My eyes widen. I scroll down and I see pictures of Lisa and that boy hugging at a shop and a cafe. There is also a picture that Lisa gives him a kiss on his cheek. That hurts me. I feel the tears coming again but I'm trying to stop them. I can not. The tears flowing down my cheeks again. I wipe them away but I can't stop crying. I try to read the article. ''We've spotted One Direction's princess, Lisa Adams, with a boy. As you can see on the pictures, they are very close. Has she found her prince? Or is the rumor that she's dating Harry Styles true? We are curious what you think, so leave your comment below!''

I scroll down and I look at the comments.

1DisMine: pff One Direction's princess what a bullshit. The boys would never be her friend because she's too ugly ugh.

LoveOfOneDirection: Ahww they're sweet togheter! And she's so lucky that she's best friends with One Direction <3

1DLoverrrr: Who is she dating? That boy or harry? I wanna know!

xxxLailax: Lisa is a stupid ugly girl urghh and she can better be not dating harry styles or I'm gonna kill that bitch!

Just1D: She's really beautiful, don't hate her! You're all jealous! If she's dating harry and harry is happy, Than I'm happy!

I'm angry. Why are some fans so jealous?! Lisa isn't ugly! she is the prettiest girl I've ever met! I love that girl for god sakes! But does she love me too..? I think about that boy and her together and I have to cry. Again. I have to tell her that it's over. I can't be in a relationship with a cheater! I grab my phone and I call her.

Lisa POV

Jake and I are back home and we put my purchases in my room. My phone rings. It's Harry. 
''Hi honey!'' I say happy. ''hi.'' He says curt. ''What's wrong babe?'' I ask worried. ''Don't call me babe.'' He says. ''Wh-..'' I say ''It's over Lisa.'' He interups and I hear his voice crack. ''What?! wh-..'' I say but he hung up the phone. I start to cry. Jake comes to me and he hugs me. He rubs my back and I burry my head in his chest. Than I stop crying. ''I have to go to Harry.'' I say. ''Uhm.. Ok.. But who's Harry?'' Jake asks. ''It doesn't matter, I'll tell you later ok? Please bring me to him!'' I say. ''Ok come on than.'' He says and we go to the car. I show him the way to the hotel and when we arrive I jump out the car and I leave Jake behind. I run to the hotelroom of the boys and I knock on the door. Zayn opens the door. ''Hi L-..'' he says but I interup him. ''Where is he?'' I ask and I walk to the living room Zayn follows me. ''You mean Harry? He's in his room but he doesn't want to speak to anybody. Do you know why?'' Louis says. ''No but he just broke up with me!!'' I say with tears in my eyes. ''why?!'' Niall asks. ''I don't know! he just.. said it..'' I sob. Liam comes to me and he hugs me. I hug him back but then I let go of him. ''I want to speak harry.'' I say. ''You know where you can find him.'' Says Zayn. I go to Harry's room and I knock on his door.


Harry POV

I hear a knock on my door. ''go away!'' I say. ''Harry let me in!'' It's Lisa. ''Harry!!'' Lisa says. I don't want to speak to her right now. ''No!!'' I scream. 

Lisa POV

''No!!'' Harry screams. ''Harry Edward Styles, open the god damn door, for god sakes!'' I scream. ''Why should I?'' He says. ''Because I want a reason maybe? Why did you break up with me?'' I say. It remains silent. ''Harry, PLEASE!! open the door!'' I beg. It remains silent again, but I don't leave. I hear footsteps. Harry opens the door and I walk into his room. Harry is going to sit on his bed and I close the door. 

Harry POV

I open the door and I'm going to sit on my bed. Lisa walks in and closes the door. She is going to sit on a chair next to the closet. ''Why did you broke up with me?'' She says and I can hear her voice crack. ''I don't want a relationship with a cheater'' I say. ''Where are you talking about?'' She says. ''
You know very well what I'm talking about, Lisa! Do not pretend you don't know!'' I am screaming now. ''I saw you with that boy today! you hold hands and you hugged and you gave him a kiss on his cheek! And don't you say that you didn't!'' ''Today? With a boy? OMG Harry tha-..'' Lisa says but I interrup her. ''Admit that it's true!'' I scream. ''Harry for god sakes! that 'boy' is my brother!!'' Lisa says. ''Admit i-.. Wait what?'' I say. ''Harry that boy is my brother! Jake came to our old house and we had some fun! Why don't you trust me!'' ''Lisa I-..'' I say. ''No Harry, I'm done. You don't even trust me. It's over. Bye Harry'' She screams and she leaves. ''Lisa!!'' I scream and I run to the living room. I look around but I can't see her. ''Where is she?'' I say. ''I don't know she stormed out the door.'' Louis said. I run to the reception. I don't see her. I run outside. I look around but I can't see her, but I see that boy. I run to him ''Hey! Hey! you! are you Jake?'' I ask. ''Yes I am'' Jake says. ''Where is Lisa?'' I ask. ''Hey are you Harry Styles?'' He asks. ''Yes I am, but where is Lisa?'' I ask again. ''Oh she told me she want to be alone for a while so she would walk home.'' ''Ok thank you, bye!'' I say and I continue running.

I arrive at a park. And it is started to rain. It's a familiar park. It's the park where I asked Lisa to be my girlfriend! I remember me. I look around but I see nobody. I look again and then I see the bench where I asked her to be my girlfriend. There's a girl on it. I run towards it and when I come closer I see Lisa. She huddles and I hear her sobs. I am going to sit next to her. ''Lisa'' I whisper. She startles. She stands up and she walks away. I stand up too and I grab her wrist and hold her. ''Let go of me'' Lisa says. ''No Lisa, I wanna talk to you'' I say. she turns to me and she looks into my eyes. Her eyes are red and puffy from crying. ''Lisa, I'm sorry.'' I say ''Harry don-..'' she says. ''No Lisa, listen, I'm very sorry. I have made a big mistake. It won't ever happen again. I promise. Lisa I love you and I can't live without you. You have to know that I love you, no matter what happens'' I say. Now it's raining really hard. ''Harry, I.. I love you too'' She says. We look into each other's eyes and then I kiss her passionately. 

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