I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


6. I'm gonna miss you

The next morning I woke up with my head on Harry's lap. I think I fell asleep on the couch last night. I turn on my back and opened my eyes. Harry is looking at me and smiles. I smile back. ''Good morning Sleeping Beauty'' he says. ''good morning'' I yawn. I sit up and look around me. No one is here. ''Where are the others?'' I ask ''They're getting some grocery, 'cause Niall eats a lot.. you know..'' He laughs. I laugh to. ''Yeahh I know, but why aren't you with them?'' I ask ''because you were asleep'' ''so..?'' ''I don't wanted to wake you up'' ''ahw that's sweet'' I say and I hugged him. ''Is there any food left? I'm starving!'' ''I don't know I'll take a look'' He says and walks to the kitchen. I grab my phone from the table and I go on twitter. I look on Louis account and then Liam, then Niall, then Zayn and at last by Harry. ''@Harry_styles: we've only met, but I think I'm in love'' My heart skips a beat. Who is he talking about? Do I know this girl? wait. I've only met him.. My thoughts are interrupt by Harry who walks in. ''I can make you some sandwich?'' ''Yes, that sounds good, thank you.'' ''What are you doing?'' ''Nothing'' I say and I put my phone quick in my pocket. ''Oke..'' Harry says and he goes back to the kitchen.

Moments later, Harry and I sit next to each other on the couch eating a sandwich. We look Dr. Phil, because that is the only English program at this time. Because I can't watch a Dutch program with him, because he won't understand it. ''Do you watch this every morning?'' He asks. ''No, normally I watch Dutch programs.'' ''Turn one on than!'' He says. ''But..'' ''Yes!'' He says and he grabs the remote and started zapping. Then I see iCarly on the screen. ''Stop!'' I say. ''Sorry iCarly is sometimes kinda cool'' ''Then we watch iCarly'' he says. ''Oke but..'' ''No not but. Yes.'' ''Oke Mister Styles, Yes.'' "Well done'' He laughs. So we watch iCarly. In Dutch.. ''Why is it in Dutch?!?'' He asks. ''I don't know, but first it was English with Dutch subtitles. I loved it then.. Now it's so.. so fake.'' ''Yes you're right, but I can understand the program if I learn Dutch.'' He says. ''Uhm yes..'' I say. ''Teach me!'' He smiles. I started to laugh. ''You can't learn Dutch in a minute!'' ''Please'' he says with the cutest smile ever. Omg. he is so cute. ''Oke then.'' ''Yeahh!!'' He cheers. I laugh. So we started the lesson..

-An our later-

I was just teaching Harry the word ''meisje'' (girl) when the boys come inside. ''hi!'' ''Hi guys!'' I say and give them all a hug. ''hoi junguns'' Harry says. ''No Harry it's jongens'' I says. ''Yes jongens means boys in Dutch'' He says with a smile of a 5 years old kid who just had got an ice cream. I laughed and the boys joined me. ''So we brought you some food'' Liam says. ''Thanks Liam, you can put it on the table I'll take a shower and get dressed.'' ''Oke see you about an our?'' Jokes Louis ''Ha-Ha Lou, if you want, I can stay 2 hours upstairs'' I say and turn around, walking to the stairs. ''No Lisa stop! I don't want to lose you!'' Louis says and he grab my wrist. ''I love you Li Li'' he says and he hugs me. ''I love you to Lou but I havve to go now.'' ''Why my love?'' ''Because I want to take a shower and get dressed, you idiot.'' I laugh. ''Oke dear I'll waiting for you my love! right here.'' ''I think you will'' I say and I turn around and walk to the stairs. Again.

When I went downstairs, Louis is standing on the same place. ''You moron'' I mumble. Louis turn around and when he sees me he runs towards me. ''My princess! why does it took so long?'' ''I met a frog'' ''I'll get that bastard!'' he says and he runs upstairs. I shook my head. ''Idiot'' I mumble. I walk to the couch and take a seat beside Harry. ''Hey'' He says and he smiles to me. ''Hi'' I smile back. ''Oh little princes!!'' Louis screams when he came down the stairs. He stops when he sees I'm sitting right next to Harry. ''Is that the frog?'' He asks. ''Uuh I think so..'' I say. ''I'm gonna kill you!'' He screams and he jumps on Harry. moments later, the bank is too small for the three of us and I'm sitting on the ground next to Niall. ''Hi princess'' He says. ''Hi.. I think.'' I answer. ''Lisa you're a princess! a princess for all of us! you're our sister, our best friend.'' He says and smiles. ''Ahw that's sweet'' I say and I hug him. ''We love you Lisa'' Niall says. ''I love you to guys'' I say and everyone comes to me for a grouphug.

We're all sitting on the couch, watching tv. Louis asks if he can go on my laptop. I give him permission and he went upstair to get my laptop. About 10 minutes later I hear Louis is talking. Why is he talking? He is walking downstair with my laptop in his hands and keeps talking. ''I'm walking now downstair now, in a minute you can see the boys and Lisa.'' he says. ''Louis what are you talking about?'' I ask. ''I'm having a twitcam dear Lisa.'' Oh. My. God. ''Uuh oke..'' I say. And he keeps talking. He walks to the couch and take a seat right next to me. Great. ''Guys, this is Lisa! Say hi to Lisa! she is my best friend and like a sister for me. Lisa say hi to the 60,000 viewers'' ''Wow, that's.. much people.. Hi guys!'' I say and I wave. Louis laughs. ''So that was the charming Lisa. And here are the other boys.'' He says as everyone says hi. He did a twitcam for about an our and he turned the screen like 20 times to me so I could say hi or answer questions.

''Wow..'' Says Zayn. ''What's up?'' Louis asks. ''It's 9 PM.'' Zayn answers. ''WHAT?!'' I scream. ''I'm serious!'' he says. ''shit.'' I say with a sad face. ''I think we better go..'' Liam says ''Yeahh..'' I say. ''Lisa, you have to give us your number!'' Louis screams. ''Give me your phone boys, you heard Louis!'' I laughd and I typed my name and number in all the phones. I get my phone back and look at the contacts. Lou is so hot. Harry Styles. Zayn. Niallll. Liam Payne. Yeah right. ''Lisa!'' Louis says. ''Yes?'' ''Why didn't you call yourself princess?'' ''Because I'm not?'' ''You are a princess Lisa! you're OUR princess!'' the others nod. ''I love you guys!'' I say and I pulled them into a grouphug. We pulled away and we walk to the door. We say the last goodbyes and a tear rolls down my cheek. Harry sees it and says; "Don't cry Lisa,  we can see each other sometimes.'' ''I hope so..'' I answer. ''We will, I promise you.'' He says when he hugs me. Liam opens the door and they're walking outside. ''I'm gonna miss you'' I say. ''We gonna miss you to Lisa'' Liam says. I get another hug and they walk away into the darkness from November.
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