I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


3. Falling in love

I keep looking at his beautiful eyes. He smiles me and I blush. We remain equally until we hear a voice from the living room. ''Lisaaaaaaaaaaa!! I'm hungryyy!!'' Niall. Harry and I start to laugh and i say: ''Thanks for your help'' ''No problem'' he says and he winks. I blush. ''Can I do something else?'' he smiles. ''Uhmm yeahh you can take those two bins along'' I say pointing at the two bins on the sink. ''Oke'' he says and he grabs the bins and walks to the livingroom. Was that really just happen? Or am I dreaming? I pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming. Auw. No I'm wide awake. I grab a tray and puts the cups on it. I walk to the living room and put the tray on the table. I run back to the kitchen to get the cola bottle. When I come back I realize that everyone has take a seat on the couches and that the initial screen of the movie is already on. we have 2 couches. one for 3 people and one for 2 people. all occupied. I put the cola bottle on the table and want to go back to the kitchen to grab a chair as harry says: ''You can sit on my lap if you want'' I blush again and say: ''Oke, but sorry if you can't feel you legs later'' Everybody starts laughing and I'm on harry's lap. '' Are you ready? '' asks Liam. Everybody nods and Liam starts the movie. We sit for a while carefully watching the movie until Louis starts glands and before I know we have a tickle fight, on Harry's lap. It's Louis and Harry to me, until Niall joins my team. Liam keeps watching the film calmly and Zayn is looking on his phone. They are sitting on the couch for 2 people. Meanwhile I lie on the floor laughing, and Harry and Louis are almost on top of me. Niall tries to pull them off, but the boys are too strong. The tears run down my cheeks from laughing. I scream: ''mercy mercy!'' ''I can't hear you!'' laughs Louis and he goes on quietly with tickling me.
Harry keeps my arms, so I can't move. Niall eventually succeed to Louis of me jerking off, and a moment later the two roles boys frolicking on the ground. Harry has me still stuck and I'm still on the ground, after panting with laughter. Harry looks at me and smiles. With his hand he wipes the tears from my cheeks. He is so sweet. I smile at him and he stands up and holds out his hand. I take his hand gratefully, and he pulls me up. Together we are now looking at Louis and Niall who rolls on the ground. We both laugh. I watch to Liam and Zayn who are still doing the same and then I watch back to Louis and Niall. I watch to Harry. He is looking at me. I blush and I look quick to Louis and Niall. I see from the corner of my eye that he smiles. I get a stupid grin on my face and for harry can see it, I run to the boys on the ground and jump on them. Now I tickle them until they scream mercy. What a good day.

We all sit back on the couch as the movie is over. I'm on Harry lap. I take my phone out of my pocket and I see that I have got 20 new whatsapp messages. Who cares. I can look at them later. I go on twitter and Harry looks with me. I look around the room and ask the boys if they want the wifi code. They nod, and I give them the code. Everyone goes on his phone now. I look if the boys tweet something on twitter and I smile as I read that they're having fun. I get a receive a followrequest and I see it's from Harry. I smile and turn around so I can look at him. He smiles back and I blush. Quick I turn around so he can't see. He chuckles. Great. He has seen. Louis has the hanger on my phone discovered. It's from One Direction. I laugh as Louis starts playing with the hanger. At that moment rings the telephone. I give my phone on Louis and say the code, so he can play games or something and I jump from Harry's lap. I run to the telephone and answer it. ''Hello?'' ''Hi Lisa, it's mum!'' ''Hi mum!'' ''Hi dear, I just wanted to let you know that it's gonna be a little later tonight because I'm going out with my colleagues, I'll call you around 10 hours!'' ''Oke mum, have fun, love you'' ''Love you to'' she says and she hung up the phone. Ik put the phone on the table and walk back to the living room. Harry looks at me with the sweetest smile I had ever seen. I walk towards him and go sit on his lap. I watch Louis who plays a game on my phone and I laugh. I'm hungry I realized. ''Somebody wants pizza?'' I ask. ''YESSSSSS'' Niall screams and everybody starts laughing.  ''Oke what pizza do you guys want? I'll walk to the pizzeria'' I write down everybody's order as Harry says: ''I'll go with you, to help you carry.'' ''Oke thanks!'' I smile and he smiles back. I get butterflies in my stomach. ''Oke boys, we are be right back. So please don't burn my house or something.'' ''I'll take care of it Lisa!'' Louis says. Everybody laughs. ''Bye'' I say and I grab some money and walk to the peg followed by Harry. We put our jackets on and we put hats and scarves on. I open the door and snow blows in my face. It's dark outside. Yeah.. November. Winter. Ugh. I close the door behind us and we start walking. We chat about everything until we arrive by the pizzeria. For my feeling to fast. I open the door and I hear a bell. There's nobody in the pizzeria except the employees. That's great! No screaming girls or paparazzi. I order the pizza's and we are going to sit. we Wait for our order. a moment later, the order was announced and I grab the stack of pizza boxes. Harry grabs half of the pile and I pay. I take the change and we walk out. I'm shivering. November is cold again. Fine.  

We're walking to my house chatting about everyting, again. When we get to my house, I find out that I forgot my keys. ''Shit'' I mumble and I press the doorbell. I see the curtains move and then I see Louis head. The head disappears and the curtain goes back in place. Moments later I hear footsteps and the door opens. ''Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'' He says. ''hi'' we say shivering. We go inside and hang our jackets, hats and scarves on the peg. They're wett from the snow. We walk to the livingroom and we put the pizza boxes on the table. Niall grabs a box and starts to eat. I walk to the kitchen and come back with some knives and forks. I'm going to sit and we all eat pizza. We are chatting, lauging and eating. what are these cute guys, it clicked immediately. I love them al equally. Well.. Harry.. He is kinda the cutest.. 
I think I'm in love..

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