I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


15. Cheating

The week went by very quickly. I'm already dressed and showered and I'm sitting on the couch. No one is awake yet. It's Saturday morning, 8 AM. I'm super tired, but I can't sleep anymore because I know that Jake comes. I look forward to seeing him again. I think that I already can go home, so I can clean up a little bit. Yesterday was quite late and we had not cleaned. I get up and grab a pen and paper. I write: Guys, I'm going home earlier to clean my house a little bit. I'm back tonight! xxx Lisa. I put the note on the table. I don't want to that they know about Jake already, it should be a surprise when they meet him tonight. I grab my keys, mobile, put on my shoes and I leave.

When I get home I wash the dirty plates and cups. I throw the empty bottles and empty bags of chips away and I put the carpet back in the right place. I open the curtains and I put the window open for some fresh air. I mop the floor and I make a sandwich for myself. I take a break and I eat my sandwich. I see that it's already 11 AM. Wow. I must clean up up stairs too. I prop the last piece of my sandwich in my mouth and I go upstairs.

I sit back on the couch as it is 1 PM. I got a text message from Jake: "hey lisa, I'm home about an hour xxx JakyBoy.'' I smile. JakyBoy. When we were younger I called him always JakyBoy. I turn on the TV and I'm going to lay on the couch. I close my eyes and I fall asleep.

I am awakened by someone softly says:'' Lisa, wake up''. It is a familiar voice. It's Jake's voice! I'm wide awake. ''JAKE!'' I yell when I see the face of my brother. I embrace him. ''Hey Lisa, how are you?'' He says. ''I'm doing well I'm just sad about mum.. Omg I missed you so much'' I say. '' Yes I'm sad too and.. I missed you too!'' he says and I hug him again. Than I look down. ''Hey Lisa don't be sad! this should be a fun weekend!'' I look up and I see now that he has grown. ''WOW, Jake!'' I say. ''What?'' He says. '' You've grown!'' I say laughing. He laughs too. ''No, you're probably shrunk Li.'' ''Oooh! is it so bad?'' I say fake shocked. ''Yes mini mouse!'' He laughs. ''Now you're going too far JakyBoy!'' I say. I jump on top of him and I start to tickle him. Just like old times.

A few minutes later, Jake and I are watching TV. ''Yo Li?'' Says Jake. '' Yes?'' I say. ''Wanna go shopping?'' He says with a big grin on his face as he pulls out his credit card. ''Yesss!!!!'' I scream. ''haha come on then.'' He laughs and he stands up. I stand up also and we take our jackets and we walk to his car. We get in and drive to the mall.

At the mall we go almost in every store and usually come out with a few bags. After all the nice shops inside to have been, we sit on a terrace and we order some drinks. ''Thank you for this great day JakyBoy'' I say and give him a kiss on his cheek. ''You're welcome, Li'' he says, and gives me a hug.   On the way back to the car, I see a very beautiful dress hanging in a window. I stop immediately. Jake stops too. He sees me looking. ''Do you want that?'' He asks. ''Uhm .. no never mind.'' I say and I want to walk to the car, but Jake stops me. ''Lisa I'll buy it for you, for your birthday because I was not there.'' I smile. ''Omg, thank you Jake!'' I say, and I hug him. He takes my hand and walk inside to buy the dress.
Just like old times.

Harry POV

I went to the mall to buy a new pair of shoes, when I see Lisa with a guy in front of a store. They are talking. They can't see me, because I'm behind a car. I'm looking at them and I see how they're talking. Omg Styles, you're crazy, nothing is wrong. Just walk away it's just a friend of Lisa. I just want to walk away, but then I see that Lisa hugs that guy. My mouth drops open. He takes her hand and they walk inside. Tears fill my eyes. No no no no! I run back to the hotel as fast as I can.

At the hotel I open the door of our hotelroom and I run in. ''Hi'' Everyone say. I ignore them and I run to my room. I lock the door and I going to sit on my bed. I let myself fall backwards and I burst into tears. I hear a knock on the door wich's followed by a voice. It's Louis. ''Hazza? Are you alright mate? What's wrong?'' He asks worried. ''Leave me alone!'' I scream. ''Hazza open the door!'' Louis says. ''NO!'' I scream. It remains silent on the other side of the door and then I hear Louis walk away. I burry my head in my pillow and I start to cry again. Why Lisa? Why?
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