I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


8. Best birthday ever

The week went by pretty fast and before I knew it was Friday night. I am super tired and I go to bed. I watch my alarm and see that it's 11 pm. I close my eyes and I fall asleep.

-Next morning-

I wake up because of people talking and someone jumps on my bed. I open my eyes and I see Louis and Niall jumping on my bed. Liam, Harry and Zayn are standing beside my bed and all the boys are singing; ''It's time to get up! time to get up! get up get up get!'' I grab a pillow and trow it to Louis head. He evades it and he jumps on me. ''UGH LOUIS YOU'RE CRUSHING ME'' I scream. He get off me and lay down beside me. I sit up and rub my eyes. I look at my alarm and see that's it 10 AM. ''Guys..'' ''Yes?'' sounds in unison. ''it's 10 AM. WHY ARE YOU IN MY ROOM?!'' ''Because it's your birthday!'' Liam says. And the boys sing happy birthday. ''Oh guys you're to sweet'' I say and give them all a hug. ''So.. what are you wanna do..?'' I ask. ''Well.. Lisa you have to take a shower, then you put your pyjamas back on and then you're coming with us.'' Zayn says. ''Ehmm.. Oke..'' I say. Harry looks around. "Where are your new clothes and jewelry?'' he asks. ''Uhmm over there'' I say when I'm pointing at 2 bags in the corner. ''Oke'' Harry says. ''Now get a shower we will wait here'' Louis says. ''oke..'' I say and I get up. I walk to the bathroom and lock the door. ''DON'T PUT SOME MAKE-UP ON OR SOMETHING! IF YOU'RE READY WITH SHOWER, PUT YOUR PYJAMAS ON AND COME OVER HERE!'' Louis screams. ''OKEEE'' I scream back. I put my pyjamas off and I take a shower. If I'm ready I dry myself and I put my pyjamas back on. I unlock the door and walk back in my room. All the boys are lie on my bed. I cough. The boys look at me and go off my bed. Harry has two bags in his hand. My new clothes and jewelry. ''Are you ready?'' He asks. ''Yes'' I answer. ''Come on than!'' ''Oke'' I say and grab my phone and I follow the boys downstairs.

My mom sits on the couch. ''Happy birthday sweetheart!'' she says when she sees me. ''Thanks mum, ehm.. I'm going with the boys do.. uuhmm.. something...'' I say. ''I know sweety.'' she says and she smiles. ''Bye mum!'' ''Bye'' she says. We walk to the car outside and we get in. Harry is driving and Liam is on the passengers seat. Zayn, Niall, Louis and me are in the back. ''So.. where are we going?'' I ask. ''You will see'' Niall says. I sigh. ''Oke then..'' Everyone laughs. 

We have spent 10 minutes in the car, when we arrive at a building. Harry parks the car and we go inside. We walk through a hall with many doors and a bye door on the right, we stop. There is a sign on. It says: Dressing room One Direction. We go inside and Harry gives me my bags. The boys leave and I have to change my clothes. When I'm ready I walk outside and we walk to another door. It has a sign to. This one says: Make-up. Oh My God. We're going inside and there is a team of stylists ready to do my hair and make-up. They do my make-up and hair and they check if everything is amazing. When I'm ready I may look in the mirror. I look stunning! I turn around and I see that the boys are looking at me. They're smiling. ''You look A-MA-ZING Lisa!'' Louis says. ''Thank you all guys'' I say and I hug them. Harry hold me a little but longer then normal and he whispers into my ear; ''You're beautiful'' I blush and I nod shy. ''Lisa close your eyes.'' Zayn says. ''Ehmm.. oke..'' I say and I close my eyes. The boys take me to another room and I may open my eyes. We are in a photostudio. ''Wow..'' I say. The boys and I take like 100 photo's or something. When we're ready we're going to lunch by the McDonalds. I thank the boys for the best day in my life and we're going home. ''It's gonna be better'' Liam says.

When we're arrive at my home we're going inside. I hear some noise from our garden and I walk outside. I see people are building a stage. In OUR garden. I run back to the boy. ''Explain'' I say. ''We're going to sing at your party!!!'' Niall screams. ''Yeeeehhh'' I cheer. ''Thank you guys I love you'' I say and I give them a kiss on the cheek.

Harry POV

We're sitting on the couch watching tv. We're waiting till the guest are coming. I look to Louis and see that he winks to Zayn. I look to Zayn and he says: ''Lisa can I talk to you outside?'' ''Yeah sure'' She answers. They went outside and almost immidiatly Louis says; ''When are you gonna say it?'' ''Saying what?'' Liam and Niall ask in unison. ''That he lovessss Lisaaa..'' Louis answer. ''LOU!'' I slap him friendly. ''Ahw Harry that's sweet. You so cute togheter'' Liam says. ''yeahh.. but.. you differ 5 years..'' Niall says. ''AGE IS JUST A NUMBER!!'' Louis says. ''Yeah but Harry if you're dating, we must keep it secret until she's 18.'' Liam says. ''I know'' I answer. ''Soo.. WHEN ARE YOU GONNA SAY IT?!!'' Louis screams. ''I dunno!'' I say. ''You have to say it after our last song'' Niall says. ''Yeahh.. Everything about you..'' I say. ''Just do it oke!'' Louis say. ''Yeah I will..'' I say. ''Do what?'' asks Lisa when she comes inside with Zayn behind her

Zayn POV

Louis winks at me and I asks Lisa; ''Lisa can I talk to you outside?'' ''Yeah sure'' She answers. And we went outside. ''Something wrong?'' She asks when we're outside. ''I want you to be honest Lisa.'' ''Ehm oke..'' She say. ''Are you in love with Harry?'' I ask. ''No'' She become red. ''I know you're lying. tell me the truth.'' I say. ''Are you in love with Harry?'' I ask again. ''I think so..'' She says and she become red again. ''But.. He's 19 and I'm 15 sinds today..'' ''Age is just a number Lisa, you can't stop love'' ''I know.. Bu-'' ''No not but. Age is just a number. Say it.'' ''Age is just a number.'' She says. ''And?'' I say. ''I'm in love with Harry.'' She says. ''Harry who?'' ''Styles'' ''Say the whole sentence'' I say. ''Age is just a number and I'm in love with Harry Styles.'' She says. ''Well done I say.'' And we went inside.

Lisa POV

Before we walk in the room I hear Louis say; "Just do it oke!'' And Harry answers; ''Yeah I will..'' ''Do what?'' I ask when I walk in. ''Ehmm..'' Harry says. ''He has to sing for us'' Louis says. ''oke..'' I say. ''Well Harry.. Sing..'' Niall says. Harry started to sing WMYB and the other boys join him. When they're ready I'm clapping my hands. ''You're really talented guys'' ''Thanks princess'' Louis says. I laugh.

About an hour later the doorbell rings. The first guests came in and the others follow when it becomes later. At 9 PM the boys goes on stage and Liam say; ''Dear Lisa, we hope you have a great birthday and this is for you!'' The music starts and the boys sing; WMYB, One thing, Gotta be you and Everything about you. After the concert Louis says; ''Lisa, our princes, you mean a lot to us and you're our best friend. We love you very much!'' I climb on stage and hug all of the boys. We go off the stage and the boys take some pictures with my family and friends. At 9.45 PM Harry comes to me and asks me; ''Can I talk to you?'' ''Sure'' I answer and we walk to the garden gate and leave my garden. We walk to the closet park in complete silence. It's not a bad silence. We gonna sit on a bench and look at each others eyes. Harry takes my hand and started to talk.

Harry POV
I take her hand and start to talk. ''Lisa, you're diffent, not in a bad way, but in a good. You're not like the other fans who screams or cry if they see us. If they see me. Lisa I love you. As friend and more. I'm in love with you.'' I look into her eyes. Her beautiful eyes. ''Harry I love you too.'' She says if she hugs me. She pulled away and say; ''But you're 19 and I'm jus-..'' I interrupt her by kissing her. Her lips feels soft and warm. She kisses me back and when we pull back I say: ''Age is just a number, Lisa. You can't stop love.'' ''Age is just a number, and I'm in love with Harry Styles'' She whispers. I laugh. I hug her again and then I ask; ''Lisa, do you wanna be my girlfriend?'' I blush. ''Yes, I will'' She smiles with the sweetest smile I've ever seen and I kiss her again.

Lisa POV
When we pull back I say; ''Harry..'' ''Yes, my love?'' He says. ''We can't do things like this in public..'' ''I know'' he answers with a sad face. ''We have to wait until I'm 18'' ''I know'' He says again. ''That about 3 years..'' ''I'll waiting for you'' He says. ''Are you sure? there are much other girls..'' ''That's right, but I'm in love with YOU.'' He says. ''That's to sweet'' I say and I kiss him again.

''I think we have to go back'' I say after a while. ''Yeah I think so to..'' I look around if anybody had seen us, but I can't see anyone. We stand up and we walk back. Harry takes my hand. ''Harry..'' I say. ''I know but I want to. Only to the gate please.'' He says. ''Oke love'' I say and I give him a kiss on his cheek. When we're by my garden gate, he let go off my hand and we walk inside.

When we come in the garden there is nobody. We walk inside the house and I see the other boys on the couch. ''Hi guys'' I say. They turned all around. ''YESSSS'' Louis screams. We laugh. ''Where are the guests and mum?'' I ask. ''Away, and your mum is asleep.'' Liam says. ''I have a great idea! Lisa can sleep in our hotel?'' ''In who's bed?'' Zayn asks. ''I dunno'' Niall says. ''With Harry I think?'' ''Is that a good idea?'' Liam says. ''Hey guys! I slept with my brother in a bed. Nothing special. Oke he's family, But he is still a boy.'' I say. ''But Harry, you have to promise that you sleep in your pyjamas tonight!'' I laugh. ''Oke I promise'' Harry says and he give me a kiss on my cheek. ''Ahwwww..'' Louis the boys say. I blush. ''I'll get some stuff and then we can go.'' I say when I walk upstair. In my room I grab a bag and put there some clothes and stuff in. I walk downstairs and I write a note for my my mum: Dear mum, I'm at the hotel from the boys. They will bring me home tomorrow. love you xxx Lisa 
I put it on the kitchentable and I walk back to the boys. ''We can go now.'' I say and we're put on our jackets and we get in the car and drive drive to the hotel.

At the hotel, Harry shows me his room and I put my bag in it. We go back to the others and watch a movie. When we get tired we go to our rooms and I wait till Harry comes out the bathroom. When he comes out the bathroom he has a sweatpants on with no top. ''Is this oke?'' He asks. ''Yeah sure'' I say and I'm going into the bathroom to put my pyjamas on. I come back and Harry is already in bed. I slip under the covers next to Harry and I look at him. ''You're so beautiful'' He says and I lay my head on his chest. ''This was my best birthday ever'' I say. I close my eyes and he strokes my hair. He sings softly I wish. I fall asleep on his chest.


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