I'll waiting for you

Lisa is a 14 years old Directioner. Loves them very much. Here day is normal untill the boys bumping into her life. Will they turn their whole world upside down?

I'm sorry for my bad grammar and spelling but I'm a 13 years Old directioner from Holland.. So I'm talking dutch but I love writing. I had this story write in Dutch but now I'm rewrite it in english!


17. At my 18th birthday

''Happy birthday Lisa!!'' I hear from behind me. I turn around and I see my 5 best friends. ''Oh my god, guys! You're  here!!'' I say when I run to them and hug them. ''Of course we're here! It's your birthday! And we have to tell the world the big news'' Harry says. ''Yes.. today is the dat'' I say and I smile. I'm 18 now, so Harry and I are going to tell that we're datiing. ''Ready?'' Louis says. ''Yes'' I answer. ''Lets go then!'' He says and we're going to the car. We drive to the interview.

I'm watching the interview from behind the camera. It starts in about a minute but it looks like an hour. Then the interviewer says. ''Hello and welcome by Celebrity Time! Today we have the world biggest boy band in our show! One Direction!'' The boys wave to the camera. ''Hello boys, how are you?'' They're all fine.  The interviewer asks some questions about the world tour etc. Then he asks something about their love life. ''So boys, I know from 3 of you that you have girlfriends. Louis, Liam and Zayn'' He says. The boys nod. ''How about you Niall? How's your love life?'' The interviewer asks. ''Nothing special, didn't find the right girl yet.'' Niall says. ''Aah, ok. And Harry how about you?'' ''Well.. I like someone..'' Harry says. ''You do?'' The interviewer asks. ''Yes.. and..'' ''And..?'' The interviewer asks. I smile. This is the moment. ''I'm dating her for exactly 3 years now..'' Harry smiles. The mouth of the interviewer drops open.''And you didn't tell us? Who is the lucky one?'' He asks. ''Well we didn't tell you because she was too young, but you can't stop love and 3 years ago we decided to tell it today.. I really love her. Very very much.'' Harry says. ''And.. who is she?'' The interviewer asks again. ''Lisa'' Harry answers and blushes. ''Lisa? Lisa Adams? Lisa can you come here?'' The interviewer asks. Oh god, I have to come. I walk to the boys and I take a seat on Harry's lap. He wraps his arms around me. ''So you're dating for 3 years now?'' The interviewer asks. ''Yes we are'' I smile. The interviewer asks us some more questions and the interview ends. That was great.

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