Apart of me was missing (finished)

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2012
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imagine one day waking up and everythings normal, next minute your favorite boyband turning up at your door, only to find out when you meet them that one of them was your sibling, but who? how did it happen? and what happens next? youll have to read on to find out :) enjoy :) and please comment, critism or nice comments but please no hate, this is my first ever fan fiction, sorry if its rubbish though :)


33. worried

Still Louis's mum's (Jay) point of view

it was a, im guessing a birth mark of half of a what looks like a broken heart, it couldn't be, Louis has the exactly the same one on his neck, I was shocked, I looked over a Louis and I could see his, I kept looking forward and backwards, woow, everything was blacking out 

Louis's point of view

I ran to my mum's side she fainted, I caught her just before she hit the ground, the twins, Lottie and Fizzy had gone in because they couldn't watch me go, they find it really sad, and so do I,anyway, Laura shouted them down and told them, they ran downstairs and came to our side, ive never seen them run so fast in their life, we got mum in and sat her down, Laura got a towel with cold water on it and put it on her head while we was trying to get her awake again, we were all so worried, she finally woke up, when she did we signed as a sign of relief we was so relieved, she sat up "are you alright" Laura asked with a very concerned face, she was just as worried as we was "yes im fine thanks love, I don't know what came over me" then I asked her "you must know what happened so tell us please, what happened" "I was just thinking of something" she responded "oh...... what was you thinking of" Lottie then said curiously "well I think you all better sit down, I've never told you any of this before, I should have told you sooner, I just couldn't find the words to say, but I think it's time now, before you all get too old and it will be pointless telling you then, but I want you to know" my mum said with her voice very soothing but worried and a hint of sadness in it. so my sisters, Laura and me sat down on the sofa, I was scared and nervous, was it good? was it bad? was it very serious and  I hope mum is alright? them questions and more was going through my head and I guessing through my sisters head to. "mum come on tell us, were getting worried" Daisy said sweetly, "it's nothing to worry about dear, but you'll probably be mad at me for not telling you" mum explained "we couldn't be mad at you so longs you've not murdered someone" Phoebe joked "and even if we were we couldn't be mad for long, your our mum and we love you" she continued, which was so true "awww that makes me feel better, but I bet you will be mad" she replied, "well you won't know unless you tell us, were very curious "I interrupted with a smile

Jay's point of view

I cant believe im going to tell them this, after all these years, no - one knew apart from Louis's dad and me, but now it's time, they have to know,  and since that Laura's here it's best to know now so they can't be mad at me to much if they flip out, because I know they will, but I hope they do understand, so here goes, "well it started on the 4th November 17 years ago, yea the day you were born Laura haha, anyway, you were to young to remember Louis, but you were born, well ........

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