Apart of me was missing (finished)

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2012
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imagine one day waking up and everythings normal, next minute your favorite boyband turning up at your door, only to find out when you meet them that one of them was your sibling, but who? how did it happen? and what happens next? youll have to read on to find out :) enjoy :) and please comment, critism or nice comments but please no hate, this is my first ever fan fiction, sorry if its rubbish though :)


28. surprises here surprises there


Harry's point of view

It was a necklace with a gold 'J' on it, why has Laura got a necklace with a J on it, Laura doesn't start with a J, I thought, I needed to ask her "why have you got a necklace with a J on it, and your name doesn't start with a J" I was hoping and praying there was no bad memories behind it because it was at the back of the wardrobe, so it could have been there for a reason Louis, Liam, Chantelle, Zayn, Perrie and Eleanor turned and looked at Laura, "ohh that, I thought I lost that, thanks harry, and my mum gave it to me when I was born, her name is Julie so that's why it's a J, she told me it was hers and then she gave it to me" Laura smile, "oh right, haha" I replied, I was still thinking though why would her mum give her a necklace with a 'J' on when it was her name not Laura's, something isn't quite right I could feel it, I wondered but then I thought it must be a mother and daughter thing, so I shrugged it of and carried on helping with packing. Louis was collecting her clothes along with Liam, I was packing the stuff in suitcases and boxes, Eleanor and Perrie was collecting her books, files for college and things like that and Chantelle and Laura was collecting the other stuff, "how do you think Charlotte and Niall are doing" Perrie asked "oooo I don't know, you can tell he likes her a lot and i think she likes him a lot" Zayn replied to his gf. "I hope they get together" Chantelle and Laura said in unison, we all agreed and started packing the stuff they collected

Back to Niall and Charlotte

Charlotte's point of view

The man laughed at my question and pointed down at the cake, so I looked down at the cake to see what he was laughing and pointing at and to my surprise it was a cream circular cake with pink icing with a flower candle which opened up when the man lit it (if you want to see it, type in Google  flower candle opened) , then the pink icing said 'would you do me the honors of becoming by girlfriend? Nialler x' oh my the tears streamed down my face, I was so overwhelmed  I was speechless, "well..." Niall asked, "y....y....yes" I stuttered, he hugged me and I hugged back. woow, I have a boyfriend and it was Niall Horan,  awww, this was the happiest day of my life so far.

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