Apart of me was missing (finished)

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2012
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imagine one day waking up and everythings normal, next minute your favorite boyband turning up at your door, only to find out when you meet them that one of them was your sibling, but who? how did it happen? and what happens next? youll have to read on to find out :) enjoy :) and please comment, critism or nice comments but please no hate, this is my first ever fan fiction, sorry if its rubbish though :)


9. night time

Harry's point of view

From the moment I met her everything changed, when she walked through the door the stuttering she did was bad, then she fainted, my heart actually went in my throat, I kept nudging and tapping her but nothing, Liam, and the girl, I still don't know the girl whos letting us stay and me yelled for the other, they came within a flash, Liam still had some of the water that the girl gave him and he did what he knew would work, he threw it over her and she woke up, she looked so beautiful, awww

Chantelle's point of view

I woke up, all I saw was 6 lads and Laura all around me, last thing I remember was Harry Styles and Liam Payne in front of my eyes, in Laura bedroom and after that it went black, I rubbed my eyes to see if it was real, it was, Harry was so gorgeous in person just like pictures but the others were OOSSSHHH aswel hehe,  "how did you get here" Niall stepped forward and gave me a hand up, his hands were sooo soft, he said softly "well Paul here, knew were were gunna perform at Manchester, in and secret location to do a special unknown to the public gig, and we was gunna ask some people or have a look to see if any of our fans were around and we could just ask them if they wanted to watch theres only limited places, 50 places in fact, and then when we got around here, the rain was crashing down like a tonne of bricks and we saw flooding ahead, round the corner and then the car broke down so we went to the nearest street which was this street and this house was the only place with a light on so here we are"

Laura's point of view 

awwwww.... Liam, my thoughts were interrupted by Niall explaining what happened, " woow you guys must be tired oh and by the way, how rude of me my names Laura and hers is Chantelle" I spoke apologetically and smiled, everyone laughed "haha and you know who we are, we guessed with the posters on your wall" Zayn spoke while laughing, "who wants to sit in Harry and Liam's room, because it's the biggest, and we can sing songs or play games and stuff" Louis suggested

Niall's Point of view

"yes lets go" we all said in unison, so we went, "what shall we do" Chantelle asked shyly, Harry looked at her in a mischievous way, he was going to do something evil but funny I could tell with his face, he always did a certain face when he's up to something, he did the same face when he shaved his initials in Zayns leg hairs haha and with that, Harry walked over to her and........


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