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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2012
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imagine one day waking up and everythings normal, next minute your favorite boyband turning up at your door, only to find out when you meet them that one of them was your sibling, but who? how did it happen? and what happens next? youll have to read on to find out :) enjoy :) and please comment, critism or nice comments but please no hate, this is my first ever fan fiction, sorry if its rubbish though :)


46. Liam and Laura


Laura's point of view

I woke up at 9:00 am, I got up, when I get up I always check my phone in the morning so I did as usual, 1 new message appeared so I opened it and it was Liam 'morning x' it was sent 15 minutes ago 'Morning Liam x' I sent back 'oh good your up, do you want to come for a walk x' Liam replied 'ok, if you want to, what time x' I replied back 'now if your ready, ps I need to tell you something x' I looked at the text and wondered 'Ok, where? x' I said 'i'll come to Lou's just wait outside and i'll pick you up there x' 'ok, but how you gunna get here x' I sent the message and in no time he replied back 'taxi, see you in about an hour because of the traffic x' 'ok, see you in an hour then x' I sent back and with that I got out of bed and got dressed, i sprayed some perfume on myself, by the time I got ready, I had 5 minutes to wait, so i went downstairs, Lou was the only one that was up, he was watching Jeremy Kyle, "morning Lou, is it ok if I go out, Liam text and wants to go for a walk, he wants to tell me something"  I said "oooooooo" Louis teased, I went bright red "morning Laura and you don't need to ask, just make sure one of us knows were you are so we know not to come looking for you haha" Louis replied "ok, i'll see you later" I said what time will you be back" Louis asked before I went out the door "I don't know" "ok" he said, so with that I went outside and Liam pulled up 2 minutes after in a taxi, he got out and we started walking, i was curious what he wanted to tell me"what did you want to tell me" I asked "you'll find out in due time, in the meantime do you to go watch a movie" "ok what movie" I asked "what about a toy story , 2 and then 3 if you want to" he asked, I was thinking typical Liam but i've never seen toy story so "ok, then, I've never seen toy story, ever since I knew you liked toy story I had wanted to watch it but I didn't get round to it" Liam looked at me like I had committed a crime "woow you've never seen toy story" "no" we both laughed, we finally got to his house at 12:00 pm when we got in he told me to sit down while he got the popcorn and drinks, "wheres your parents and sisters" I asked curiously, "my sisters are out at a friends until tomorrow and my mum is out with some friends, getting ready for a party tonight, so no - one will bother us" he said calmly his house was amazing, it's so big and posh, he came in after 15 minutes, we settled down on the couch Liam sat down next to me, I felt his warm body press against me, I was cold but i thought it would be rude to tell him, so I just sat there, his body was keeping me a little warm, at 1:00 pm he was just about to put the first toy story on, when he looked at me, "are you cold" he asked, I shook my head and said no, "you are, you have goose bumps, hold on" he said, he was so kind and sweet, 5 minutes later he came down with a blanket, awww, he put the film on and wrapped the blanket round us and started the film, in the middle of toy story 2 it was 6:00 pm it was dark outside, I stretched he looked at me he must have got a bit bored, then all I felt was this thing hit me on the cheek, I looked what it  and saw it was popcorn, so why he wasn't looking I threw one back at him, this resulted in a popcorn fight, it continued for about half an hour, in the end he stopped, all we could do was laugh, 5 minutes after constantly laughing he looked at me was with his big brown chocolatey eyes, they were so hypnotic, I looked back, we moved closer and untio we was about 2 cm apart in the end he ended up cupping his hands around my face and pulled me even closer until our lips touched, he kissed me gently, his lips were so soft, I had liked him from the moment I met him, when I got to know him more I fell in love with him, not because he's famous, not just because hes handsome, because he's just so sweet, so loving, so kind and more, after that I was shocked "what was that for" I asked he then turned my neck and whispered in my ear " I love you" there was a pause "thats what I wanted to tell you earlier"  Liam continued my face dropped, my heart was beating so fast im sure it skipped 3 beats every time , "I love you to" them words just spilled out like I had meant to have said it, but I didn't, he smiled and pulled me in for a hug, I cuddled upto him until the films ended, it was 8:00 pm " unfortunately I think it's time  for me to take you home" he said sadly  we both looked at each other with sad eyes, so he called a taxi and 10 minutes later it arrived, we got in the car hand in hand, it was a perfect night, we got their about 11:00 pm, as I got out the taxi Liam got out with me, he gave me one last passionate gentle kiss, we said our goodbyes and he left, I went through the door and everyone just turned to me, "hellooooo" all of them said "hellooooo" I said back, I joined them on the couch while they were watching tv, "soo, what did Liam want" Louis said nudging me as if to say come on tell everything "ill tell you tomorrow" I laughed "awwww, fine" Louis pouted, "I'm going to bed now I'm tired, sorry guys" I said after an hour of watching tv, it was 12:30 am "goodnight" the all said in unison, "goodnight all" I replied, I went in my room and heard muttering, and then I heard 'tomorrow, deffenetly tomorrow' I knew it was jay's voice who and what is she telling tomorrow , I wondered for a while and went to sleep

thank you all for reading, it will probably ending soon, but before I do if you want a sequal, or have any ideas for a twist, and thats if you want, post some ideas in the comments box, and i'll pick the one or if we can combine a few ideas together then the ones who I think people will like the most, i'm sure they'll all be amazing though and who knows, if that person or them people, if they want to anyway,  maybe able to co - author it if they want to :) thanks again for taking time to read it and glad some people like it :)

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