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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2012
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imagine one day waking up and everythings normal, next minute your favorite boyband turning up at your door, only to find out when you meet them that one of them was your sibling, but who? how did it happen? and what happens next? youll have to read on to find out :) enjoy :) and please comment, critism or nice comments but please no hate, this is my first ever fan fiction, sorry if its rubbish though :)


47. getting ready for the boys coming

Jay's point of view 

I woke up at 9:00 am, I stretched and then realized that, again, slept with the necklace, I gotta stop doing it, its weird, I told myself, then In realized that today was the day, it was the day that I'm finally going to tell Laura about my discovery, but I will ask her about the necklace first, I got dressed and went downstairs and 10:00 am, Louis was already up, "good morning love" I said, " good morning mum" he replied, "when when when are you going to tell her, and by the way the guys are coming round after" Louis said excitedly "well, because the guys are coming round, that will be perfect timing, I will ask her about her necklace first and then get on to the subject, then show her the picture" I replied "what picture" Louis said confused I forgot I didn't show him the picture "oh I have a picture of when Jodie was  born with the necklace and your dad carved the words love in it and on Laura's it says the same to, so their identical so yea" Louis looked shocked after 2 minutes of silence he perked up the courage and asked "Can I see the picture" "ok here it is" I got the picture out of my pocket and gave it to him, a tear streamed down his face, he stared at it for a while, and then gave it back, I put it back in my pocket then "I can't believe it, that was Jodie.... uhhhh.... I mean Laura when she was a baby" Louis said with a bit of a sniffle, "well it is, you better get ready for today then, what time are the guys coming" I asked curiously so I could get sorted "4:00 pm, there coming for tea" Louis replied after he calmed down just then I heard footsteps, it was Lottie, Fizzy, Daisy and Phoebe, "mum, can we go our friends to sleep, plus we think you may want some time to tell her, wink wink" Fizzy said while winking, I laughed and said "alright, get everything sorted, when are you going" I asked "11:00 am" Lottie replied and with that they went upstairs and got ready, just then Laura came down "morning Louis morning Jay" she said happily "morning Laura" Louis and me said in unison "wheres them lot off to" she asked "their friends sleeping" I replied "oh ok" she said, after an hour the girls came downstairs and waved goodbye and hugged us all, "have fun" Laura shouted "we will you have fun to" they yelled back they came back for one last hug of us all and then went in their friend's 7 seater car, we waved bye and went inside "by the way Laura, the guys are coming over after, and they will be pestering about you and Liam last night to, so good luck, and you better tell us" Louis said jokingly Laura laughed, "ok I will but only if Liam wants me to tell you" Laura said back to him "I hope you used protection to" Louis said as Laura was drinking some of her tea, as Louis said this she choked on her tea, after her choking fit, she said "excuse me Louis William Tomlinson" Laura laughed as she said this, we all laughed, and then Louis replied "you heard girl" Louis said in a strange voice Laura laughed and said "umm... Louis, you such a joker, and for your information nothing like that happened" Laura said while laughing again "ohhh so something did happen but not that" Louis the added "well thats for me to know and you to find out later" she joked, Laura got up and had just put her cup back in the cupboard from washing it when Louis picked her up and swung her round for about 5 minutes, after them 5 minutes had gone he was walking every were stumbling while holding Laura and they both ended up on the floor laughing in histerics, they got up and we started getting ready for when the boys came

At 4:00 pm the door bell rang.....

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