Apart of me was missing (finished)

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  • Published: 29 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2012
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imagine one day waking up and everythings normal, next minute your favorite boyband turning up at your door, only to find out when you meet them that one of them was your sibling, but who? how did it happen? and what happens next? youll have to read on to find out :) enjoy :) and please comment, critism or nice comments but please no hate, this is my first ever fan fiction, sorry if its rubbish though :)


11. Chantelle's plan and Zayns thoughts

Still Louis's point of view

As Chantelle came closer Harry closed his eyes, good idea Harry, Chantelle saw that he had closed his eyes, she got out what was from behind her, we all laughed at what it was, after 5 minutes Harry opened one eyes, to see why she hadn't done anything to him and, splash, Chantelle through a jug of cold water all over Harry everyone but Harry laughed, he was not impressed, so he stood up went towards her as she was laughing really hard and he hugged her, they both were soaked with water,  as soon as he hugged her Chantelle stopped laughing for a minute, growled at him, but then 5 seconds later they both burst out laughing and that made us all laugh. we were laughing for 15 minutes straight, then my phone rang, I apologized and went out the room, it was Eleanor so I had to take it.

 Zayn's point of view

haha what a laugh we've had and its only 11:30 pm, awww I wish we could stay with these girls forever, with Perrie obviously with Eleanor  normally I would have said Danielle but Liam and her broke up a week ago, but awww i think Liam and Laura would be great together, and to be honest Harry and Chantelle would I mean their both pretty, Chantelle has browny eyes, mainly brown and light brown curly hair and Laura has blue eyes and curly blonde hair, Harry and Liam both love curly hair, so yea  and there great to get along with and we've only known Chantelle an hour and Laura 2 hours, there great, anyway hmmm.... I wonder if Paul would let them go to the unknown gig, I'll ask him..... after asking the others what they think, "NIALLLLL" I yelled as he, Liam and Harry were tickling the girls, so he came and i asked him " what would you say if i asked Paul could Chantelle and Laura could go to the secret gig at Manchester  Niall said "YES" straight away, I asked Liam and then Harry and they agreed with Niall, 5 minutes later Louis had just come in and so I asked him to and he said "YES" and added "is it ok if i've asked Eleanor to and she's asked Perrie and they both said yes" I responded "Paul had already said about Perrie and Eleanor coming anyway" "Oh, you better ask Paul about Chantelle and Laura and a friend if they want to though" Louis said practically threatening, I laughed and nodded, so while the boys were messing around with the girls  I walked over to Paul who was sat on Laura's, or for tonight Liam and Harry's bed so I sat next to him and began "Paul, what do you think about Chantelle and Laura" he responded with ..........


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