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Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


20. The beach

Rose P.O.V

The boys had invited us to the beach and I had just finished getting ready, I was wearing my blue banduea bikini and a flowy beach dress with some sandals.(Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=60065370) For my hair i just put it in a waterfall braid and left it down. The boys were waiting in the lounge for Jess and I. She wanted to bring Tyler but i advised her against it, especially if she wanted to build a good friensdship with Louis. I went out into the lounge and we were just waiting for Jessica, she always takes forever when she gets ready. I sat down in between Niall and Harry, sitting abit closer to Niall just so that Harry doesnt get the wrong idea after what happened at the airport yesterday. Finally Jessica came out of her room and we all went downstairs. We piled into the car me right after Niall and Harry right after me. Jess was somewhere behind me with Louis.

After what felt like hours we finally stopped at a secluded cut of beach. I just about jumped out of the van, happy to have stopped so i could stretch my legs. I grabbed my bags out of the van and everyone else followed. It was a warm day so me and Jess layed out our towels just abit away from where the water met the sand. The boys put their stuff down near ours and started up a footy game. "Jess?" "Yea Rose?" "Do you like Louis?"  I had to ask her, especially after yesterday when they hugged, everyone thought she hated him and then she goes and throws herself on him right infront of Tyler. "What? Im dating Tyler and we are very happy with each other." "Ok im just asking because you have to admit it was very suss yesterday when you jumped on him." "Its called forgiving and forgetting Rose. You should try it sometime with Harry." "Excuse me, ill have you know that me and Harry are perfectly fine, and we are just great friends." Yea you might be great friends but everyone knows you both want more! And the only reason you are resisting getting back with him is because you cant forget and forgive him being jealous over you and Niall." "Just shutup, you dont know what you are talking about. I dont wanna fight, i really want this to be a fun day Jess." With that I took of my sandals and beach dress, i layed down to tan. After awhile i looked across at Jess who had layed down but still hadnt taken of her beach dress." Arent you gonna tan Jessie?" "Oh um, i am tanning. I just dont wanna burn so im keeping my clothes on." "You never burn though? You have like Godsend skin that only tans never burns." I was confused, whats up with her? Back in Australia she always tanned and was always the first one out in the water. Lucky for her the boys came over and she got out of it for now. It was Zayn and Niall who came to us the rest of them were already in the water. "Hey we are going for a  swim, you ladies joining us?" I had my eyes closed but I knew it was Niall, you could tell by his Irish accent. "Nah im good, ill just tan for awhile longer. I might come in later though." "Oh yes you will."What? "Wait, whats that supposed to mean?" He just ignored me and walked off.

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