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Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


16. Night out on the town

Jessica P.O.V

"Oh so this is the guy you dressed up for? Let me tell you mate, shes not worth it! She will play you and then make it seem like its your fault." This time it was Rose who spoke up. "Louis, i think its time for you to leave." "Whatever" With that he finally left and i could actually start enjoying myself. For the first time Tyler spoke up. "What was that all about?" "Nothing dont worry about it! Lets just go" I tried sticking a smile on.

We got to our destination which was a qaint small little cafe/restaurant, it was really cosy and home like. We got seated and ordered our food. "So why did you and Rose move to England?" "Oh we both wanted a fresh start and thought that England would be the perfect place." Little did i know my whole life would be turned upside down. "Fair enough." "What about you? Have you always lived in London?" "No i moved here about a year ago for UNI and i guess i havent really figured out who i am. I thought this would be the perfect place." "Yea i know what you mean, ever since i was little i have loved this place and im so glad that i have finally been able to move here." Just then our food arrived and we started eating, i was surprised he hadnt mentioned the Louis thing. Up untill then. "So who was that guy back at your apartment?" The bomb had dropped. "Umm hard to explain, i dont really wanna overload you with information on our first night out." "No no, i wanna know!" "Ok well, basically he is an ex. Its quite simple really, we had a short relationship and i found out stuff about him that i didnt know and i broke it off. He has just had a hard time accepting it." "Well im sorry about him, i hope he will leave you alone soon." "I wish!" "What do you mean, is he harassing you or something?" "No nothing like that, its just Rose is dating one of his best friends and two of his other best friends live next door to me. You see their in a band together, their is 5 of them. Its kinda hard to get away from Louis when you are so closely connected to 3 of his best friends." "Oh well thats just bad luck isnt it." I just nodded. "Maybe if he saw you with another guy he would see that he needs to move on." I knew what tyler was hinting at but decided to tease him for awhile longer. "Yea maybe, but i dont know who this other guy would be." He shortly changed the topic and after awhile we finished up at the restaurant. As we got into the car, he turned to face me. "Jess?" "Yea?" "Did you wanna go home now or are you up for a adventure" I laughed at him and how silly he was. "Im definitely up for a adventure! What were you thinking?" "Surprise" As we were driving to the surprise spot I put the radio on and 'I got a pocketfull of sunshine' came on. I started singing like an idiot and laughing my head off, shortly Tyler joined me and we were having the best time. I was really starting to fall for him. Eventually we had stopped on this mountain cliff thing. "Your not a axe murderer or something are you? I mean i have seen the scene in movies before. The young girl falls for the handsome yet mysterious older guy, then he takes her to a cliff and kills her laughing at how gullible she was." "Wow you have a wild imagination dont you! And no, im not a killer just a guy wanting to show a lovely lady a good time. Wait, your really falling for me?" I was embarrased and started blushing i had been talking without concentrating again. "Uhm, erm.." "Well guess what im falling for you to!" I started blushing even more and so as to avoid any awkwardness Tyler got out of the car and i followed. He layed on the front of his car and patted the area next to him encouraging me to join him. I had climbed onto the car when tyler told me to look out at all the lights. "Wow, it really is beautifull just like you said." "Now lay back and look up. Out here you can see so many stars its just amazing." I did as i was told and just as he said it was amazing! There were thousands of stars and they lit up the night sky. "How did you find this place? Its perfect." "My dad used to work out here in London and my parents were split up so i often came out here to London to visit him. Every time he would bring me up here, and ever since then i loved it, and i guess living here and having my own car just makes it easier to come out here. It reminds me of my dad and all the good times we had." "Does he still work in London or has he moved?" "My dad passed away 2 years ago." "Oh my gosh! Im so sorry, i didnt mean to bring up old memories. I didnt know if i had i wouldnt of said anything! Im really sorry." "Hey no need to be sorry! You didnt know! I brought you here, it was my choice to let these memories resurface." With that he put his arm around me and I rested my head on his chest, i was just listening to the sound of his heart beat and the night silence. I loved it here with him, and i really think Tyler and I could have something special. "Jessica, I love it out here with you in my arms but its probably time for us to get going, i mean i would love to stay but its past midnight and i dont want Rose to worry about you." "Oh my goodness, is it really past midnight? We really should get going!" The drive home was silent but a good silence. It showed how comfortable we already were with each other. Eventually we pulled up to the hotel and Tyler insisted on walking me to my door. We stopped when we reached my apartment. "Thank you so much for tonight Tyler, i absolutely loved it and had a great time!" "Thannks Jessie, I loved it to and i cant wait to spend more time with you!" I didnt want him to go, but it was way to soon for him to spend the night. I hugged him as I softly whispered to him. "Maybe you can be that other guy." I gave him a peck on the cheek and turned on my heel and into the apartment. Maybe its all turning around maybe London really was a good choice. I walked to my room just as my phone started beeping indicating a message. 3 Actually, two from an unknown number and one from Tyler. From Tyler: Missing you already xo  From Me: Aww miss you to hun! x  I then checked the unknown messages, turned out they were from Louis. From Unknown: Im sorry about calling you a bitch! Please forgive me! :$  Louis.  From Unknown: I really am sorry i dont know what came over me. Just come over I can explain! Louis. 

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