Who to choose?

Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


4. Meeting Harry..

Rose P.O.V
I was in my seat next to a guy. I couldn't really see what he looked like because he had sunglasses and a hoodie on. Although his wild brown curls was flipping out of the hoodie. He must have noticed I was staring because just then he turned to face me. He took of his sunglasses and pulled of his hoody. My heart just about melted. I could recognise thise beautifull green eyes from a mile away.OMG!!! Harry Styles was sitting next to me! On a plane to London! I.cant.breathe. " Hi I'm Harry." He was talking to me. Ok Rose, breathe, just be calm and respond. " Erm.. I'm Rose." I somehow managed to stutter out my name. I'm a huge directioner so being able to remember my name was pretty good. " What a beautiful name!" THE Harry Styles thinks I have a nice name. Remember Rose act cool! "Umm..I..erm..Thanks it's my grandmothers name." It was true, it really was my grandmothers name. In fact I actually loved my name, it has been a family name for years now. "Well Rose, why are you flying to London?" "Oh me and my best friend are moving there for UNI." He nodded. Then we really started to hit it off. I told him very thing about my life and vice versa. Before I knew it the seatbelt light started flashing indicating the flight was almost over. I was really upset because me and Harry were getting along so well. "Umm.. Rose? I was just wondering if I could maybe have your..Erm.. Number? So we can keep in touch and that." Ok someone pinch me! Harry Styles just asked me for my number! "Yea of course you can! I would love to meet up with you sometime." I then wrote down my number for him and after that there was silence but it was a comfortable silence. I slowly slid my head down on his shoulder. It felt nice, prefect actually.
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