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Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


22. Jealousy..

Jessica P.O.V

I looked across at Harry and Rose who looked pretty cosy together. They were coming out of the water now because the sun was going down and there was a slight chill. I had been sitting next to Louis and Zayn for awhile now and we were all just chatting, Liam and Niall went with Paul to get some fire wood and marshmallows. Louis sent Zayn to get everyones jumpers and the blankets we put in the car. Throughout the day Louis and I had slowly moved closer together it seemed as if he was about to say something but Harry and Rose came and sat with us. "Umm Jess, do you mind if we go for a walk?" "Louis, I dont think thats a good idea." "Please, just to talk. I promise." Talking wasn't bad, as long as Tyler doesnt find out about it. Who knows what he would do then, I dont even want to think about it. "Um sure Louis. Just to talk." For awhile we were just walking in silence but then Louis started talking. "So how are you?" "Im great." "No, i mean really Jess." "What do you mean? I  am really perfectly fine." By now we sat down on the sand. "No your not. I can see it in your eyes, your not the same fun loving crazy girl that i fell in love with." "You fell in love with me?" I was shocked, I knew he liked me but never this much. "Stop trying to avoid the question Jessica, somethings wrong and I can tell." He was right, I wasnt myself anymore and there was one reason for it but I couldnt tell Louis, I couldnt tell anyone. He wont let me. I couldnt help it anymore I burst into tears. "Im sorry Louis, I dont mean to cry in front of you." "Hey shhh, its ok, come here. Dont cry, whats wrong, why are you so upset?" I just kept crying into his shoulder. "Louis? Im really sorry, I didnt mean it. I was just mad.""Jessie, what are you talking about?" "That night, when I said I didnt like you and that I was just using you. I didnt mean it! I was being rude and you had every right to call me a bitch." "No, no Jessica. I had no right to call you that and you deserve better. Im the one that should be sorry." "No, Louis. Forgive and forget remember?" I was still snifling as well as shivering, I forgot that we were in the UK. It gets really cold at night. Louis must have noticed because he took off his hoodie and handed it to me. "No Louis, its ok really." "I insist Jess." I accepted it because it was actually really cold. "We should probably get back Lou. They will be worrying about us."

Rose P.O.V

It was now dark and we had a fire going and everyone was roasting marshmallows. Louis and Jess just came back from their walk, Jess had red puffy eyes and she was wearing Lou's hoodie. I wonder what happened there. Harry and I were cuddling by the fire and I was wearing his hoodie. Niall kept on stealing glances at me and Harry but i brushed it off. Nothing could ruin my night. Zayn and Liam were off in some conversation about superpowers. I was roasting a marshmallow and was about to eat it when Harry stole it from me. "HARRY!Give that back." He opened his mouth to show me the mushed up marshmallow. "You can have it, if you really want." "Eww, I dont wanna see that!" I was laughing at how silly he was being.

Jessica P.O.V

I guess it was official, Harry and Rose were together now. I was so jealous of their cute relationship. We were all in the car on our way back home and they were holding each others hands, and Rose had her head on Harry's shoulder. Niall was asleep laying on my lap, he was snoring as usual so i just laughed at him. Louis and Liam had fallen asleep on each other so it was just me, Harry and Rose that was still awake. My phone started beeping indicating a message, i quickly checked it so that I wouldnt bother anyone. Niall started moving and I winced in pain as he put his head on one of my bruises. The text message read, From Tyler: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!? I have been waiting out your apartment for the last 5 hours.  Oh shit, i forgot we had plans tonight. I quickly replied to him. From Me: Sorry babe, the boys invited me and Rose to the beach and we lost track of time. xx From Tyler: The boys? You mean Louis. From Me: Yes he was there but it was all of us that went out. He never replied so i hoped that he would calm down.

We pulled up to the hotel and Liam and Louis slowly started waking up as did Niall. Everyone piled out of the car and I was the last to get out, and to my surprise Tyler was waiting for me outside the car. "Tyler? I cant believe you waited." "Why wouldnt I, you are MY girl" He put emphasis on the 'my' and looked straight at Louis. He then pulled me into a hug, just about crushing my bones. I whispered so that just he could hear me. "Your hurting me Ty." Straight away he pulled away from me. Everyone else had gone to the apartments by now. "Lets go upstairs?" "Oh im sorry Tyler but im actually really tired after today." "I said, lets go upstairs"

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