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Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


40. Hug and make up.

Harry P.O.V

The apartment was almost ready and set up there were just a couple of last minute things to do. Zayn and Niall went out to buy the party food, Rose didnt want Niall to have anything to do with the party but I knew if we sent him we will definitely have enough food! Liam was wrapping all the boys presents considering we were hopeless at wrapping things. Louis had gone out to the shops and he said something about a last minute present. Rose and I were just sitting on the couch watching some tv show. "Harry?" She had concern in her voice. "Whats wrong babe?" "Why is everything so damn screwed up?" "What do you mean?" "Well, its Jess' birthday and she is fighting with me and Louis and then Niall and me are fighting and I practically kicked him out of his apartment for the night and and and I just i dont know anymore." "Well first of all im pretty sure Louis and Jess will make up soon enough and well Niall is just being an arse, the sooner he realises Liz is bad for him things will be back on track and as for Jess and you fighting, why dont you talk to her about it." "Harry, dont you think I have tried that before?" "Well maybe try again. Its her birthday Rose, she is probably feeling extremely lonely not having anyone with her right now." "I guess." With that she got up and left.

Jessica P.O.V

I was having the worst birthday but to my luck I hadnt encountered anyone in person yet. It kind of made me feel like they forgot about my birthday and didnt even care. I was just on my laptop going through my tweets and checking twitter. I didnt have nearly as many followers as Rose, she had 50 000 followers. Well I guess thats to be expected when everyone knew about her and Harry. In a way I was glad that Louis and I never DTR because frankly I dont think I could handle all the hate. Suddenly my door creaked open and I saw Rose enter with a cupcake in her hand with a single lit candle in her hand. She had the biggest smile on her face. When she started talking it was barely a whisper but towards the end she was confident. "Happy Birhtday Jessie." I didnt know what to say, after so long of not talking to her I had forgotten how much I missed my best friend. My eyes started tearing up again. "You remembered?" She placed the cupcake down on my bedside table. "Of course I did! How could I forget? Your my best friend!" "Your my best friend to Rose!" I really had missed her so much and us becoming friends again was probably the best birthday present yet. "I thought you hated me though?" "No, I dont. I cant even remember why I was mad at you in the first place." "Does this mean that we are friends again?" "Of course!" We were both crying now, but happy tears. I grabbed her and gave her a tight hug. One thing finally sorted out. For the next hour or two her and I just sat on my bed catching up on everything that happened in each others lives. It was the best part of my day yet.

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