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Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


8. Goodnight kiss

Rose P.O.V
My eyes started fluttering open when I realized the boys were talking about me so pretenedes like I was still sleeping. The girls must have gone home now and I still don't know where Louis and Jess are. "Mate, do you like her?" This was coming from Zayn. "Yea I really do. I mean she's beautifull, when we were on the plane it felt like we really bonded! I can't explain it." This was Harry because you could hear how deep his voice was. Oh I loved the raspiness of his voice. "Do you like her?" Wait didn't they just ask this? Who was this directed at? Liam had said it because he had a soft sweet voice. But then an all to familiar thick Irish accent spoke. "Well I dot know I just met her. But there's definitely something there." Oh no Harry and Niall like me. I don't wanna thin their friendship. "But it's fine you can have her. You saw her first, bro code? Remember." Niall just told Harry to go for it even though he likes me. I mean this is good I like Harry more than I like Niall but I guess I just felt safe in his arms tonight. I heard giggling then and Jessica's voice and I decided it was time for me to awaken. I thanked the boys for the movie night and promised that for the next one I will be awake. I gave Niall a goodnight peck on the cheek and thanked him for being such a gentlemen. Harry then walked me to my apartment. "Who was she?" "You mean Veronica?" Eww even her name sounds bitchy! "Umm yea her." "Just an old friend, don't worry about her." "Well you guys looked pretty comfy together especially for just 'friends'." I was getting mad now he was such a tease! " Rose, stop it. She was a friend that's it. Plus I like someone else and her name is Rose." My heart started melting and sank into my belly which was exploding with butterflies, because Harry Styles just said that he liked me. "Well you wanna know a secret? I like this guy and his name is Harry." With that we just smiled at each other. He started leaning in closer and so did I. Then just as we were about to kiss Louis and Jessica have to burst into the hallway and ruin my special moment. Me and Harry laughed but both sighed. " goodnight Harry" " good night beautifull" I was pretty annoyed at them two but shook it of and walked into the apartment and straight onto my bed.
Jessica P.O.V
I was just about to walk out of the room when Louis pulled me onto his lap, he was holding onto my waist. "You didn't think you could get away from me that easily did you?" " Louis stop we have to get back!" "They won't miss us terribly for another 10 minutes." With that he crashed his lips onto mine. It was like fireworks went of in my body, our mouths perfectly molded into each others and even though I never wanted our kiss to end I did eventually pull away gasping for breath. "That was amazing Jessica!" " I know it was! I'm a pretty good kisser so of course it was." I winked at him. We both started laughing and giggling as we walked out of the room. I found Rose asleep on Nialls lap on the couch while the rest of the boys were deep in conversation. Louis and I sat down on one of the couches while Rose started waking up. She was saying thank yours and whatever else the responsible one does while I was staring into Louis' eyes. Everyone retreated to their rooms and me and Louis got up to walk to my apartment. Being the giggly loud ones we accidentally ruined a moment between Rose and Harry. Oh well she can talk to me about it later right now I was tired and fell onto my bed. Only to have Louis creep up beside me.
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