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Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


28. Get out!

Rose P.O.V

We just arrived at the apartment. Harry and Louis have kinda moved in with Zayn and Niall because its closer to me and Jess. I already took my stuff to Harry's room earlier this afternoon. When we walked into the apartment Niall, Zayn and Liam were all sitting on the couch watching TV. "Hey boys." I smiled at them all. "Hey you two. Have a good night?" Harry and I just looked at each other and I started giggling. "Umm yea, we had a great time." "Hows Jess?" "Louis is next door with her and I think they might still be up, if you wanted to go check on her." I considered this, I mean I wanted to check on Jess but then Lou might get upset. "Oh no, its ok. I trust Louis with her." Harry went and sat down next to Niall on the couch and because there werent any other seats left, I sat on Harry's lap. We were all just watching TV when Liam said it was time for him to go. "Bye Liam!" "Yea i think I might go to bed to guys." "Goodnight Zayn." It was just Niall, Harry and I and we were watching a movie. It was actually really interesting and I was really getting into it when Harry started moving under me. "Are you ready to go to bed Rose?" "Oh, umm I really wanted to watch the end of the movie. And im not really tired." "Well im not tired either babe." With that he winked at me. "Oh, Harry. Ill be there soon." I whispered this so just he could hear me. "Fine." Harry walked to our room sulking the whole way. I was now sitting next to Niall and we were just watching the movie. "Hmm im hungry." "Of course you are! When arent you hungry?" I laughed at him. "Im getting some food, want some?" "Yes please!" He was in the kitchen and I could hear him making some popcorn. All of a sudden his phone started vibrating and fell of the couch. I went to pick it up and accidentally saw the message. From Elizabeth: Hey Nialler, thanks again for the other night. I really had a good time, cant wait to see you again. xx Liz.  Niall then walked in. "Who is Elizabeth?" "What?" "You got a text message from Elizabeth." He started getting closer to me and I backed up. "Rose, give my phone back." "Not yet, I think Niall has a girlfriend." "Rose please." I didnt say anythingt to him I just kept walking away from him and when he picked up his speed so did I. He was right behind me about to catch up when I saw one of the messages and stopped dead in my tracks. Niall obviously not having expected me to stop, bumped into me from behind making me fall and him falling on top of me. He quickly got off of me and snatched his phone away from me. "You love her?" "What?" "In the message, it said I love you Liz." "Oh umm, whats it to you anyway!" "Niall how long have you known this girl." "I met her about a week ago." "You told her within a week you love her?" "Yes, yes I did! Its not like you care about me anyway." "Niall I still care about you. I thought we were friends?" "Whatever, it doesnt matter." With that he got up and held his hand out to help me get up. "No thanks, im fine." "Rose, dont be that way." "Just drop it." I walked back to the couch and continued watching the movie. Niall joined me. "Rose you cant be mad at me for not telling you. Its not like we are close anymore." "Thats not why im mad. Its just Niall, Have you even told anyone?" "Told anyone what?" "That you have a girlfriend, that you have been seeing this girl for a week now." "She isnt my girlfriend." He looked down while saying this as if he didnt want to look at my eyes. "WHAT? She isnt your girlfriend? But you told her you love her?" "Rose! Stop, its my life I can do what I want and you cant stop me. Plus you have Harry, so why cant you just let me be." He was yelling at me, Niall never yelled at me and this made me tear up. No. I had to be strong, I swallowed back my tears and put on my bravest face. "I.. I just want you to be happy." "I know, im sorry, I shouldnt have yelled at you." "Its fine. Im going to bed now." "Wait no. Dont leave because of this." His phone started beeping again. "No really its ok. I think you have someone to reply to you anyway. Goodnight Niall." With that I walked away and to Harry and I's room. When I walked in to our room Harry was fast asleep so obviously nothing was going to happen there. Rememebering I still had sea salt in my hair I decided to go for a shower. I took my stuff with me and got in the shower. I was washing my hair when the door opened and my heart froze. There was Niall, just casually walking in the bathroom. He must have thought I was Harry because the glass in the shower was foggy. "NIALL!" "OH my gosh! Rose? Im so sorry. I thought you were one of the boys." He covered his eyes. "Just get out! And close the door behind you!" He was still covering his eyes meaning he was walking in to things. Eventually he got out of the bathroom and I quickly finished up in the shower. I cant believe Niall just saw me naked and Harry hasnt even. I was in freak out mode when I realised that no one can know about this. I had to go talk to him. I quickly got dressed and rushed to his room. "Niall?" "Oh umm Rose, im sorry about be.." "Its fine. The only reason im here is to tell you that no one can find out about it. Especially Harry!" "Yea of course. Im sorry again." I just ignored him and walked away. My hair was still wet from my shower but I didnt feel like drying. Knowing I would most likely be sick tomorrow if I do, I did it anyway though.

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