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Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


31. Emergency interview

Rose P.O.V

Liam had walked in on me and Harry earlier, which made things really awkward between the 2 of us. I had just finished getting ready for the big interview and I was waiting for everyone else to be done. There were 3 main parts to the interview, Harry and I's, Niall and the mystery girl and Louis' and Jessica's. Harry and I knew what we were going to say, we were a couple and we were really happy together. Nothing more to it. As for everyone else, I dont know whats going to happen.

Jessica P.O.V

We had just arrived at the emergency interview and we were all sitting down. For some reason the boys wanted us there. I had no idea why. But then the interview started, at first it was just the usual questions, but then it got down to why we were all actually here. I really wasnt sure what Louis was going to say but I just hope that whatever it is he doesnt get in trouble for it. I mean he got into a fight for me, he got beat up for me and Tyler was probably twice his size but he didn't care he did that all for me. How amazing is he, I cant believe that we are such good friends.

Harry P.O.V

The interview had been going for a couple of minutes with just the usual stuff being asked but then the interviewer got down to business. "So, there are a couple of things that need adressing boys." We all nodded at him and he started with the questions. "Harry, now there have been photos released of you and a girl identified as Rose Wellington. Originally from Australia but recently moved to England to have the one and only Harry Styles pounce on her. So is it true that you guys are an item or is just a fling?" The way he talked about me and Rose just got me all worked up and I had to remind myself to calm down. "Actually Rose and I are in a serious relationship and she is not just a fling. She is everything to me and we only recently made it official. Thats why there havent been any real public appearances, also i didnt want the fans to give her hate." "Right, ok. And is this special young lady here at the studio." "Yes she is, she is sitting right over there." And I pointed to where Rose was sitting in the audience. "Well bring her up here then." Rose then walked up onto the stage and sat down between me and Niall.

Louis P.O.V

After the interviewer finished quizzing Rose and Harry abit more about their relationship he moved on to me. "Now Louis, there have been a couple of photos released where you and another guy are getting quite physical. Would you like to fill is in on what happened." "Well you see a good friend of mine was in a relationship where the guy just wasnt treating her right and she ended up being in hospital because of some of the things he did to her. I was obviously quite upset by this and I went after the guy. We both threw a couple of punches and the cops ended up pulling us apart." "Oh so it was a noble steed, prince charming act was it?" "I guess you can call it that." "So did you happen to bring this girl with you today?" "Umm actually yes she is in the audience over there." I pointed to her. "Well get on up here young lady." Jess walked onto the stage and he started talking to her and finding stuff out about her and how Rose and her know each other. She had sat down at the end of the big couch next to me. It felt like this guy was just staring at her body and bing a doosh. "Louis?" "Hmm sorry?" "I said, so are you and Jessica an item?" "Oh umm no, we are just friends. Really good friends." "Hmm right."

Rose P.O.V

Finally we were almost done, I was so glad Jess was up here with me now. We had already cleared up Harry and I's relationship and the fight with Louis and Tyler now all that was left was Niall and his mystery girl. "So Niall. There have been a couple of photos where you are seen with the same girl. And just before we came on the show I actually checked twitter and guess what is trending worldwide? #Niallfoundhisprincess? So the question remains, have you actually found your princess or is she just a friend?" "OK so she is an amazing girl and I love to spend time with her. At the moment we are just friends but you never know what things can lead to." "So does this mystery girl have a name?" "She does have a name but I dont wanna say to much untill her and I have figured anything out for ourselves." After that the interviewer asked some of the usual questions and finished of the show. I was just glad everything was now sorted out. Directioners everywhere can now sleep soundly at night.

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