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Two best friends, Rose and Jessica moved to London together to start fresh and go to UNI. Little did they know that they would meet their absolute idols... The one and only One Direction. They were massive fan girls! What girl wouldn't want to be in a love triangle with Niall Horan and Harry styles.

A/N: feel free to give constructive criticism! This is my first movella! And I would love help from you guys and anymore ideas will be appreciated as well


35. Deadly silence

Rose P.O.V

It felt like it had been 5 years since the boys got back meanwhile it had only been a couple of weeks. Harry and I were a couple and we had made a couple of public appearances. The fans decided our couple name would be Rarry, and personally I thought it was kind of cute. The two of us were in abit of a pattern lately, he was staying in England for another couple of months while the boys recorded their second album. We would have a date usually 2 times a week and we would usually stay at my apartment. Sometimes we would stay in his room next door when Louis and Jess needed their 'space'. They werent a couple but they were having a flirtationship or friends with benefits type of thing. Jess has been icing me out since the afternoon when she locked herself in the bathroom. The worst thing is I cant apologise for what I did because she wont tell me what it is. I sighed loudly causing Harry who was sitting next to me on the couch to look up from his phone. "Whats up babe?" "Oh nothing. Im just thinking about stuff." "What kind of stuff?" I giggled at how curious he was being. "I was just thinking about how in 6 months my life has just changed completely." "Oh really? In what way?" "Well for example,6 months ago I wasnt living in England, 6 months ago, I was a massive fangirl and now im dating you. 6 months ago I never expected all this stuff to happen to Jess, 6 months ago I had a best friend who I told everything to and now she wont even talk to me." "Well, if you want I can talk to Louis, and ask if he knows why she is acting like this." "No its fine, it will sort itself out, and if it doesnt well then you will just have to become my best girl friend." I said while smirking at him. Louis and Jess have recently been going out alot lately giving me and Harry some time alone. And we have been using every spare minute they decide to give us. "Well if that means I get to spend more time with you than im ok with it." He gave me a warm dimple filled smile. "Oh harry, we all know you only want to do one thing with the time we have." "And what would that be?" He was pretending to be innocent and not understand what I was talking about. "If I have to explain to you, then im probably going to my room on my own then." I got up and slowly walked to my room. NOt wanting to miss an oppurtunity Harry followed me and crawled onto the bed. "I thought I would keep you company." "Well not much talking will get done." I said with a sly smile playing across my lips.

Jessica P.O.V

Louis and I were at this cute little park, we had been coming here for a couple of weeks now. It was peacefull and secluded, not many people knew about it so there werent any fangirls. We were sitting by the pond feeding the ducks. "I just love it here Louis. How did you find this place?" "Oh I have my ways." I laughed at him and he got up to stretch his legs. He started walking to the edge of the pond to get closer to the ducks. I got up sneakily and followed him. The last meter or two I got a running start and tackled Lou to the ground. I hadnt realised how close he was to the edge and we both went tumbling in me on top of him. When I came up out of the water Louis was staring at me. I was laughing so hard at him that my stomach started hurting and I was crying happy tears. "Do you think this is funny?" "Just a little bit. Louis you have to see your face its hilarious." "But now im sopping wet and its cold." "Oh you will get over it princess. Are you sure you didnt break a nail?" I was giggling at him again. "Oh come here Louis." I said while pulling him into a hug, I instantly felt his frown turn into a smile and this made me smile. "We should probably get out of the pond." We walked out of the water and onto the dry land. We didnt have any towels with us so we had to figure out a different way to dry our clothes and bodies. Louis came up with the brilliant idea of taking of our wet clothes except for underwear and place them in a sunny spot somewhere. No one was around so I didnt see a problem with this. I started undressing and placed my clothes in the biggest sun surrounded patch I could find. Louis did as I did, but not before staring at my semi naked body now on full display in daylight. I layed down on one of the hills and started drying off. Louis walked over and sat down next to me. We were silent for awhile but it was a comfortable silence. "Jess?" "Yes Louis?" "What are we?" "What do you mean?" "Like what are we? Are we friends, are we dating, are we more than friends but less than dating?" "Umm I dont know Louis. I thought we were happy just the way we are?" "Yea but how are we really? Like in interviews what am I meant to say? Should I just say oh yea this girl I know Jess, she is amazing and beautifull and I love everything about her but we arent really anything at the moment because she cant define the relationship. Cos that will go down so well with management." "Screw management" I mumbled. "Jess, I just want to know, are you my girlfriend? Are we dating?" "Im sorry Louis but no, we arent anything more than friends that have great times together. I love you to pieces but im just not ready to love you in that way." "I thought you already do?" "Well yes I do. But I just cant admit it, not to me or you. Im just not ready to trust yet." "It seems like you never are." "Excuse me? Is it my fault that I got abused? No, so dont go blaming my trust issues on me when you dont know the whole story."  With that he just picked up his clothes got dressed and walked to the car and I did the same. We drove home with a deadly silence.

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