That Smile

A smile. That smile can portray many meanings...
Untold or told... That smile.


1. That Smile


Behind every smile is a story

That smile is a mask

Like that kid that sits by himself his name Cory

My smile is a fake that is set out to the task

That Smile


My smile like many others

Portrays fake messages

No one can read it; not even my brothers

 Smile is like cages

That smile


‘Oh she is alright she has a smile’

Cough and cough

No, a smile is a dial

On and Off

That Smile


I have had enough of keeping a happy face

But … I don’t know any other way

I have forgotten any other place

There is nothing left to say

That smile


I have forgotten any other emotion

I am a piece of plastic

I make no motion

Is that pathetic?

That smile




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