The Least Apreciated

Angelique and her two Bestfriends go on a class trip to London which has been there dream since freshman year. But the unexpected happens when a mysterious man in a cafe turns out to be a member of the hot boy band One Direction. Will she fall in love?and if so, what crazy roller coaster does life have her on? Find out in this hot read c:


40. The Speech

Isabel's P.O.V.

About a half hour after me and Anabel got into the room, Angelique finally showed up. We figured she would be late because,shes late for everything.

"HOLY SHIT WERE STAYING GUYS!" She yelled coming through the door.

"I know! we get to stay with the boys." I said with a smirk knowing I was going to bed with Niall every night.

"Well,we should probably call our parents." Anabel said.

"I've been texting my mom about Zayn this whole trip. I don't know about you guys....but she'll be fine with it."  Angelique said calmly.

"We'll be fine guys." I said staying positive.

"K, well I guess were just waiting for ms.Main." Anabel said. A few minutes of texting and such passed by, till ms.Main walked through the door.

"Well girls, We won't be leaving for another week. I'm checking in on everyone to see if we all have places to stay, if you don't, the school is providing us with our rooms, but if you do, you can leave since I don't have responsibility over you guys."

"We have a separate place to stay ms.Main, but thanks for the offer!" Angelique said taking the lead.

"Ok ladies, we still have your tickets, so just meet us on Saturday."

"Thanks ms.Main!" I said joyfully knowing we now have freedom.

"Welcome." she said walking out. When she closed the door, we came in for a jumping group hug. Our lives are changing rapidly. We all Grabbed our stuff and headed out the door. We saw Edward for the last time and hugged him. He surprisingly hugged back. We grabbed our bags as the bell rang, then we stepped out of the elevator. We gave our big key to the Lady up front, then stepped out of the big glass doors, freedom was ours.


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