The Least Apreciated

Angelique and her two Bestfriends go on a class trip to London which has been there dream since freshman year. But the unexpected happens when a mysterious man in a cafe turns out to be a member of the hot boy band One Direction. Will she fall in love?and if so, what crazy roller coaster does life have her on? Find out in this hot read c:


29. The Show

Anabel's P.O.V.

We had came back from the Covent Garden , It was boring, but beautiful. I couldn't text Harry the whole time, it was killing me. Him and the boys were at an interview. I was looking forward to seeing the interview, because I was certain there would be questions about us.Harry was taking me out today, we were going to Starbucks or something. I wasn't going to change today because I felt todays outfit was good enough. All I was doing was waiting for a call, or a text, or something. We all recorded the interview on the DVR in the room. so when we got back, we all sat on the couch. Angelique grabbed the remote before anyone else (She was a control freak sometimes.), and turned it to our recording and pressed play. About a minute into the show, she grabbed her black pencil liner and started touching up her liner.

"So, your most common question has to be asked," The interview lady said, "are you guys seeing anybody?" Imediatly Harry said,

"Yes." The crowd did the awkward ooooooo and cheered. Niall also said something about Isabel,

"I have to, shes an amazing girl." He said smiling at the thought of her. Zayn hadn't really said anything.

"How did you meet these young ladies?"

"Well, actually through Zayn and the new 'love of his life'." Harry said towards Zayn.

"Yes, me and Harry met our girls through Zayn's girl." Niall added on.

"So Zayn, theirs a new girl for you?!" She said wanting an answer.

"Yes, as Harry said, I do love her a lot." He said with a smile looking at the camera occasionally.

"But you just had that big break up with Perry,don't you think your moving a bit fast?"

"No, not at all, I fell like she is the one for me, but shes not in town for long,so I'm trying to be with her as much as possible."He spoke with a loving voice. The interviewer had a small laugh and wished us luck with them, then moved on to a different question. Me and Isabel's faces were shocked at what we just herd.They actually had claimed us as there girls. When I looked over at Angelique on the bed, I could see her holding in her happiness, but she had a smile on her face. Then my special beepy noise for harry went off, he was calling. "Hey babe!" I said in a good mood after all the great things he said about me.

"Hey Love, i'm outside." He said waiting for me. I hung up and darted for the door.

"Were are you going?!" Isabel said with her halarious concerned voice.

"Oh im going out with Harry for lunch, Bye!" I said shutting the door behind me. I stood outside the door for a secound as Angelique said,

"Bitches, be crazy." I glared at the door, then skipped to the elevator as my pony swang from side to side.

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